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Tancredo pledges to Colorado voters in Contract with Colorado

Colorado gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo
Colorado gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo
Courtesy of Tancredo for Governor


  • Willy Nilly 5 years ago

    Tom needs to drop out. He had no business getting into the race to begin with, He had the opportunity to run for Governor in the beginning and declined. Instead he decided he knew better than "the people" and is going to the single cause for Hickenlooper becoming Governor! The polls show that with Tancredo out of the picture Dan and Hick are neck and neck, but does Tancredo care about that??? NO. By entering and remaining in the race he is essentially telling all of us that all the time we put in, the hard work we did, the education we got and the participation we put into the caucus and assemblies means nothing. It is a slap in the face to all of us and the system. We should ignore his campaign and Tom himself. Act as if he doesn't exist, or accept the fact the we will have Hick as Governor. Any vote for Tancredo is a vote for Hick!!!!! That happens......kiss our State goodbye!

  • NotSoros 5 years ago

    Seriously, a 20,000 undervote for the GOP Governor in the primary. Many voters believe both of the GOP candidates for governor were unworthy of even a vote.

    Maes and McInnis were both bad news and Maes has nearly imploded over and over from complaints that he would get name ID if he only had endorsements, to borrowing money from past supporters to pay his mortgage.


    Maes should get out because he can't create or even run a business, he has no executive experience, he can't even balance his own checkbook. Dan does give great speeches though (not as good as Tancredo), we already have a "dear leader" who gives good speeches and delivers nothing. His name is Obama.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Please, Maes supporters, please tell me ONE positive thing about this man. ONE besides having an R behind his name. There aren't any, except that he's one great sales guy.

    1. Oh, his "executive" experience. What exactly IS his executive experience? A failed business? Running a small credit agency with a handful of employees for a couple years. That's it, folks. That's his executive experience.

    2. Making $11,000 a year? That is one successful businessman! I want him in charge of my state! Oh, you say the rest were write offs? Let us see those write offs. Oh, he's not transparent with his returns because he either only made $11,000 or he illegally wrote off everything.

    3. His conservative stance? Tambor Williams is no conservative. His viewpoints on anything, until he's corrected, are not conservative. He says what you want him to say.

    4. His in depth knowledge on the issues?

    Again, one positive comment please. One. Having an "R" behind his name does not count.

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