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Tancredo calls for Napolitano's resignation

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo is calling on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to resign in response to recent violence on the U.S./Mexico border. He posted the request on YouTube today in a video entitled “Napolitano lied, Rob Krentz died.”

Tom Tancredo is calling on DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano's resignation
AP Photo/Alexandre Meneghini

This demand comes just days after the murder of Douglas, Arizona rancher Rob Krentz by a suspected drug smuggler. Tancredo, who had planned to meet with the murdered rancher to discuss the topic of border violence, is bringing the slaying of the 58-year-old to national attention. He stated that the Krentz family, which had been asking for increased Border Patrol protection for more than ten years, is now appealing for U.S. military to be stationed on the border.

"Napolitano has misrepresented the true condition of our border security in order to advance a political agenda-amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. Our nation can ill afford this level of incompetence and cavalier attitude toward national security," said Tancredo.

He cited the inaccuracies of the official DHS map which claims the United States has 600 miles of border fencing, when there is actually 310 miles of fencing with the remainder being vehicle barriers. He stated, “It’s a lie. There isn’t 600 miles of fencing. There’s no fence by the Krentz ranch. All of it is a lie. She lies about border security in order to push the Obama agenda – amnesty for 15 to 30 million illegal aliens presently in this country.”

Tancredo is not the only one calling for Homeland Security to send military to the border. The governors of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are also calling for Napolitano to send National Guard troops to defend their states. These calls have gone unanswered thus far.

"The reason Napolitano cannot admit we have a border security problem is that such an admission would complicate Obama's political agenda," said Tancredo. "It is shameful that Obama is putting politics ahead of the safety of our communities and our nation."

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  • Patrick Sperry 5 years ago

    Great story but it (The resignation) will never happen. It will be politics as usual, and Americans will continue to die. Say what you like about Tom, but he is one hundred percent correct on this issue.

  • 100% 5 years ago

    Incompetano was installed as propaganda mouthpiece for the big brother police state they are trying to impose on us.

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