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Tamra Judge: Bethenny Frankel is just looking for attention

Tamra Judge is speaking out about Bethenny Frankel and what is going on right now. On Thursday, US Magazine shared that Tamra is not impressed by Bethenny's recent posts showing off her small body in her daughter's pajamas and then another post showing her in over-sized men's clothing.

Tamra Judge
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for Family Equality Council

Tamra Judge Barney was on the show "The Juice" on Veria Living TV Network's when she spoke out about it. She feels like Bethenny is just reaching out for attention. She even thinks that Bethenny needs to go and eat since she can fit into the clothes that belong to her four-year-old daughter.

This all started when Bethenny Frankel shared a photo of herself in her daughter's small pajamas. They were a size 4 and Hello Kitty. They actually fit her and a lot of people thought that she should start eating and put on some weight. ET Online shared that after that she shared a photo of herself in baggy clothes saying that that should be better. She will think twice before posting something like that in the future.

Frankel was not happy about the criticism she got from fans, but at the same time she probably shouldn't have posted it. She should have known that everyone would give her a hard time about being in such tiny clothes. It did get her name back in the press for a few days though and that might be what she was hoping to get out of it.

Tamra Judge also talked about Alexis McCord. This ex-housewife was fired by the show and is now starting a rumor that Tamra will be the next to leave the show. Tamra said that there is no truth to this at all. It doesn't look like she will be leaving the show at all and is planning to stay on "RHOC" until they kick her off.

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