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Tamra Barney shuts Facebook after posting Lizzie Rovsek's num; leaving 'RHOC'?

Tamra Barney arrives at the NBCUniversal's '2013 Summer TCA Tour' at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 27, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California.
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Tamra Barney may have finally gone too far. On Tuesday, July 29, her "The Real Housewives of Orange County" co-star Lizzie Rovsek revealed that she had to change her phone number after Tamra posted her number for all to see on Facebook.

Tamra earlier posted to her Facebook page a copy of a text that she sent to Lizzie as a way to defend herself for not going to her birthday party and not letting her know until the last minute, something that viewers of the show saw play out on Monday night's episode. Unfortunately for Lizzie, her cell phone number was on the text. Tamra has since not only taken down that particular Facebook post but has shut down her entire Facebook page.

In a Facebook post, Lizzie told everyone that Tamra's text message was not sent when she said it was. That wasn't the only lie that Tamra reportedly told. Lizzie also claimed that Tamra actually told her that she didn't tell her about her birthday party no-show until the last minute on purpose in order to start drama. Tamra reportedly told Lizzie that she has been on the show for seven years and knows that it's all about the drama.

Lizzie's version of events is in contrast to what Tamra says is the truth. Tamra has claimed that the show's producers told her not to tell Lizzie about her no-show until the cameras were rolling.

In response to a fan's alert that Tamra revealed her phone number to the world, Lizzie said that Bravo has been notified about her action. Unfortunately for Lizzie's fans, Tamra's action may cause Lizzie to leave the show. When a fan wrote that it seems that Lizzie is too nice to fit in with the other housewives, Lizzie replied that she doesn't think that the show is for her, that she really is just a boring person who takes care of her family and company, and that she just wants the show to be over.

It's not clear whether Tamra shut down her Facebook page voluntarily or because she faced some kind of repercussion from Bravo. On Wednesday, July 30, it was reported that producers of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" have actually decided to not bring her back for season 10 because of her diva antics.

Tamra questioned her own future on the show when she wrote on Facebook that she was "so over the stress of the show and what it's doing to [her] spirit." If Tamra Barney's departure from the show has really been decided, whether voluntarily or not, perhaps that'll mean that Lizzie Rovsek will stay?

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