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Tamra Barney's suicidal tweet alarms ‘Real Housewives of Orange County' fans

Message posted on Tamra Barney's official Instagram account
Tamra Barney/ Tamra Barney's official Instagram account

Tamra Barney put up an alarming message on her social media page on Thursday and the fans of “The Real Housewives of Orange Country” are quite alarmed. The message could be of frustration or could be interpreted as suicidal. Either way the reality star is in serious pain over the custody battle she is embroiled in. According to Radar Online on Thursday, the message that had the fans upset was a note revealing that she had given up hope.

“I’ve lost my strength,” tweeted Tamra Barney from her official Twitter account on Thursday. Linking to an Instagram picture with a note that read, “You think you want to die, but in reality you just want to be saved.”

While the online community was alarmed at the tone of the note (Facebook apparently took down a note from her account too,) the fans of the show were even more worried. Sometimes there is anguish over family battles when it comes to divorce and custody, but usually there are outlets to help deal with the crisis. Being that Tamra Barney is a reality star, the note could offer up a cry for help or he was just sharing a moment that reflects her current state of mind.

Fans of “The Real Housewives of Orange Country” have written the star to remind her that these feelings will pass. Looking at the long list of individuals who have stopped to share words of encouragement on social media, thankfully there wasn't one hater in the bunch.

Tamra Barney has been dealing with some serious allegations over the past week. The report in People Magazine on Wednesday indicates she is battling allegations about her parenting as well as her lifestyle. While fans only get to see a glimpse of her life on Bravo, there isn't any way for anyone outside of the family to accurately judge the situation over a custody battle. Add that divorces are almost always messy and there is no way to know what details are being kicked up to hurt the star or is factual.

Hopefully Tamra Barney has found some comfort in knowing viewers care about her well-being and that time will heal some of the wounds she currently feels. Fans recognize that Tamra isn't just a reality star, but a woman who is working out some incredibly painful issues in her life. At the moment everyone wants Tamra to find a little peace in her world while sorting out her future.

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