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Tamra Barney's son Ryan is moving seven hours away to be with his girlfriend

Tamra Barney's son Ryan Vieth and girlfriend Sarah.
Tamra Barney's son Ryan Vieth and girlfriend Sarah.
Tamra Judge/Instagram

Tamra Barney and her son, Ryan Vieth, have always been close. Since Tamra gave birth to Ryan at a young age and raised him as a a single mom, the pair have a great bond -- despite the ups and downs fans have seen them go through on "The Real Housewives of Orange County."

Sadly, they will soon be much further away from one another than they have ever been.

In recent months, it was revealed that Ryan had been seeing a woman named Sarah, and while not much is known about her or their relationship, things have apparently gotten serious between them and Ryan will soon move to be with her seven hours away from his mother's home in Orange County.

"It's happening! My son [Ryan] is leaving @cutfitoc and his family and moving 7 hours away to be with [Sarah]," Tamra announced on Instagram on March 18. "I'm going to miss seeing him every day. But happy he found happiness. You found a good one son....."

For Tamra, seeing her son fall in love and get serious with someone is surely very rewarding, but bittersweet at the same time. After all, what mother wants to have to say goodbye to their son? And especially when they don't know for sure if they'll ever be back (besides the occasional holiday trip or weekend visit).