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Tamra Barney’s son accuses Simon Barney of abuse: Ryan Vieth talks

Tamra Barney
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Tamra Barney’s son is speaking out against Simon Barney and is accusing him of abuse. Wetpaint reports on Thursday that Ryan Vieth is defending his mother and claiming that Simon is only using the courts to hurt her. The “Real Housewives of Orange County” star has been involved in a public battle with her ex-husband, but her son has finally acknowledged it.

Vieth, who is Tamra’s son with Darren, states that Simon is controlling and abusive, but he does not stop with these descriptions. Tamra’s son also mentions that Simon verbally abused the entire family while he was growing up. Vieth believes he is using the neglect case to hurt Tamra and does not actually care about the children. He blames Simon for his own decision to move out once he reached the age of 18.

Simon shares that Tamra neglected the children and does not deserve to have custody of them, but Vieth has a different view of the situation. He thinks Simon is simply using the children to destroy Tamra’s current relationship and cause her pain. Tamra’s son is using Facebook to share his thoughts on the case and is busy defending her from critics.

Tamra has denied that she neglected the children, and her son’s statements support her words. She accuses Simon of lying, but her daughter Sidney agrees with him. The issues have split the family into different factions with the children caught in the middle.

Gretchen Rossi believes and supports Sidney instead of Ryan, so the problems are starting to split former members of the “Real Housewives of Orange County.” Rossi has denied talking to the press or helping Simon, and she has spoken out against Tamra’s accusations. However, she has also been quick to add that Bravo wants her to return to the show.

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