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Tamra Barney reportedly fired from 'RHOC' and deletes her Facebook

Tamra Barney
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for Family Equality Council

Things are not looking for good for Tamra Barney right now. On Wednesday, Radar Online shared the news that she has now deleted her Facebook and it looks like she might not be back on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" next season either. She is making a lot of enemies right now.

News came out earlier today that she was being fired from the show. After that happened, she actually deleted her Facebook page and reports are out she even left the country. Tamra is getting away from it all. She is actually in Mexico but she is just on vacation not really skipping the country. You can't get to her Facebook at all like it is gone, but her Twitter page is still up.

Yesterday she tweeted, "One more day till paradise. I’m so over the stress of the show and what it’s doing to my spirit." It looks like she just needs to get away from it all. Tamra is upset that Bravo is editing her to make her look bad. She missed an event for Lizzie, but didn't tell her about it until after it was over. It made her look bad, but she said that Bravo knew she wasn't coming and had Lizzie call her instead of giving her the chance to let her knew she wasn't coming first.

The Stir reported earlier this week that Tamra and Eddie might even be heading for divorce. This report says that he is tired of all of her drama and can't put up with it anymore. Tamra and drama do go together that is for sure. Eddie refused to go the reunion show, but Tamra spoke out saying he never goes and doesn't want to be part of all of that drama.

If Tamra Barney really does get fired from "RHOC," she better hope her marriage doesn't fall apart too. All of the drama with the show could be hard on their marriage though so getting out of that situation might be the best thing for Eddie and Tamra. Only time will tell what happens for sure.

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