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Tamra Barney Judge, ex-husband fail to resolve custody issues; ‘RHOC' fans watch

Tamra Barney Judge deals with custody issues in the public
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Fans watched “The Real Housewives of Orange County” on Monday night and felt sorry that Tamra Barney Judge expressed more emotions about her previous failed marriage. The reality star is looking at a battle over custody for her three kids and the proceedings have been splashed all over the headlines. While the details about the issues on TV was filmed months ago, it appears not much has changed for the reality star this month. According to Radar Online on Tuesday, Tamra Barney Judge and ex-husband Simon Barney had a tense mediation session before going to court, but came up short. Since no decision was made, it appears the next step is going to be a very public outcome for the family's children.

Tamra Barney Judge is looking to get full custody of the kids and that might not be possible. While the idea might be more mainstream in other marriages, it appears that Simon Barney is fighting the idea. With several allegations being made by both parties, the parenting of the individuals are being called into question.

Since there was not a conclusive decision made in mediation, the former couple will take the battle into court where a judge will decide the parenting issues and make a final decision. As most people will point out, this could be a bittersweet decision for the couple as a final ruling might not be ideal, even for reality stars.

The bitter custody fight definitely can’t be easy for the reality star. Signing up to share her life with the fans around the world, she probably didn’t know her personal details (more than normal anyway) would be leaked to the masses so she could look bad. Having to deal with consistent damage control about the situation, viewers feel bad for the star of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” as she is trying to raise a family too.

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