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Tampa woman arrested after performing c-section on mastiff without anesthesia

Candace Patricia Hauser has been arrested on charges of aggravated animal cruelty after performing a c-section on a dog without anesthesia
Tampa Police Department

Tops on this week's list of "don't try this at home, folks" is the Tampa woman was arrested after performing a c-section on a pregnant mastiff without anesthesia and without a license to perform veterinary medicine, according to an article published Thursday in the Tampa Bay Times. The mastiff died, and the woman, Candace Patricia Hauser, has been chased with aggravated cruelty to animals.

Apparently the owner of the pet mastiff contacted Hauser when the mastiff had difficulty part of the way through having her puppies. Depending on which report you read, the dog was carrying between 12 and 14 puppies. The dog managed to deliver all but the last two.

So the owner took the dog to Hauser's home for assistance, according to the reports, and Hauser performed the c-section on the dog, closing the incision with non-surgical glue.

The last two puppies were either born dead or died shortly afterwards; Nadia, the mastiff, died on the way back to Hines' home. Hines finally sought out the care of a licensed vet twelve hours later, but it was far too late to save Nadia.

The vet notified Animal Control. According to the vet, the incision was jagged and looked like it may have been made with something like a steak knife.

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