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Tampa police chief recognized for humanitarian deeds and stellar leadership

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The Florida Holocaust Museum has bestowed its Loebenberg Humanitarian Award upon Jane Castor, Tampa's police chief.

The Florida Holocaust Museum award ceremony transpired yesterday with spectators witnessing yet another of myriad stellar humanitarian deeds performed by Chief Castor. Of particular mention factoring into her nomination and recipiency is Chief Castor's recent implementation of a more-progressive human rights training program among the members of Tampa's police force.

Chief Castor was also nominated for the Loebenberg Humanitarian Award stemming from her unrelenting work in furthering the lives of disadvantaged children.

As the leader of Tampa's 1100-plus sworn police officers and many police civilian staff, Chief Castor epitomizes the definition of a police administrator sincerely and deeply aligned with her constituency. The citizens of Tampa are deemed fortunate to have Chief Castor among their government leadership; routine commentary posted on the Tampa Police Department Facebook page colorizes and boasts accolades in support of this notion.

"During her 30 years as a Tampa police officer, Chief Jane Castor has built a reputation for working side-by-side with citizens, neighborhood leaders, activists and business owners to solve crime problems and improve our community," is delineated via Tampa Police Department's government website. The Florida Holocaust Museum's humanitarian award is the latest attestation to the aforementioned mission statement and professional philosophy.

One can only imagine the seemingly progressive nature of Chief Castor and how it reflects upon not only her entire police staff but also on the citizenry who witness her stellar deeds and humanitarian nature.


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