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Tampa Florida's Homeschooling populace grow while discipline falters

Discipline seems to be the most challenging aspect of homeschooling for most. However, sit down and think about this for a moment, homeschooling moms and dads do not drop their children anywhere, but parents who send their children to public school do. What may this mean? It may mean that parents who drop their children at a school, daycare, etc. do not get an opportunity to instill discipline upon their children as moms and dads who homeschool their offspring do. Logic suggests that since homeschooling parents spend more hours in the day with their children, they have more opportunities to discipline their children. Might there be an advantage to this? Are public schooling parents allowing the state to discipline their children thus taking the responsibility away from parents?

E Pluribus Unum and what it means, and why homeschooling is the answer if you do not wish to me one of them
E Pluribus Unum and what it means, and why homeschooling is the answer if you do not wish to me one of themn/a
What it means to be e pluribus unum, and why homeschooling is the answer
What it means to be e pluribus unum, and why homeschooling is the answern/a

The answer to both questions is yes, the state is taking full responsibility over its labor stock. That's right, there is no denying it. The courts have stated it over and over again, the parent does not have the right over their children, the state does - parens patriae. Parens Patriae does not apply to the state's power over matters of abuse; it means all power and controlling power over their future tax-producing machines, your sons and daughters. This is more than a fact, but a maxim of law and it inaugurates from another Latin phrase, E Pluribus Unum - "out of many, one".

Taking responsibility away from the state and into your own hands is hard, and it is exhausting, but in the end it is also very rewarding. Homeschooling is tough because you have to give up many of the advantages of the day, i.e., extra stuff like the latest technological gadgets that you may not need or can do without, because one of you, dad or mom, has to stay home with the little ones. The Homeschooling aspect goes hand in hand with disciplining your offspring, cherish it because it is part of your legacy as a mom and dad.

Discipline without tears is difficult, especially when there are siblings hanging from your every limb. However, here is a nugget you will be happy with if you follow through and through, follow a consistent routine. That's right. Make a routine for the days ahead and follow it to the letter. Remember, the matter with your little ones will get worse before it ever gets better. They will test your newly established routine and re-test you for consistency. Their test is a test of love where their behaviors say: "show me how far you are willing to take this new routine of yours, and I'll show you how much I know you love me." This new attitude will go hand in hand with their need for stability. That's right; we all need stability and organization in our lives. These little ones need it too so why not establish it? They will come to love. They may even come to rule the day by it, meaning that if they found out you are not sticking to the new routine; they will let you know on the spot.

After you establish this new boundary through a routine, your disciplining will become a bit easier, and they might respect you on the first instance and not make you lose your mind first. More on this subject later as the matter of sibling rivalry will be discussed.