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Tampa Bay Times' Alex Leary addresses wrong 'climate change'

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In his latest thinly veiled column of contempt for Republicans Alex Leary, Washington bureau chief for the Tampa Bay Times, says evangelical leaders in Florida are pressuring Gov. Rick Scott and Sen. Marco Rubio to embrace “climate change.”

However, Leary just happened to use Pres. Barack Obama’s ‘spiritual leader,” Joel Hunter, pastor of Northland Church in Longwood, as the top evangelist for his political shtick.

Considering Pres. Obama’s spiritual mentor (for twenty years) was Jeremiah Wright, former pastor of Trinity Church, Joel Hunter hitting Republicans over “climate change” is the political equivalent of David Earnest Duke leading a NAACP meeting in closing prayer.

Leary should get credit for recognizing early on that calling global warming “climate change” would give political operatives for the Democratic Party license to politicize all elements of climate and weather.

Sure, Democrats took an initial hit on credibility that lingers today, but re-branding global warming as climate change reduced public outrage and ridicule during freezing winters and polar vortexes. Political activists like Leary were also politically savvy enough to realize people will eventually forget about “global warming” and blame Republicans for all weather, rain or shine sleet or snow. At least, that's what they think.

“He’s smarter than that,” Pastor Hunter said, referring to Gov. Scott. Hunter’s condescending swipe was over Scott’s non-response to Sen. Rubio’s recent dismissal of global warming as a man-made phenomenon. Never mind current scientific data that shows the planet is getting colder.

Tonight, at Hunter's church, Mr. Obama's spiritualist is the pitchman on a panel discussing why Christians should care about climate change. Among the panelists is the Rev. Mich Hescox, president of the Evangelical Environmental Network, who wrote a letter to Rubio about his widely publicized comments on global warming, or "climate change."

Beyond condemning Sen. Rubio for believing man isn't responsible for global warming, Hescox is hawking a petition for more legislation, regulations and taxes to stem "climate change" aimed at Gov. Scott:

“As Christians, we believe that God's grace empowers us to honestly confront the challenges we face and change for the better,” it reads. “We are failing to keep our air and water clean for our children, contributing to a changing climate that most hurts the world's poor, and putting Floridians at risk as temperatures and sea levels continue to rise. To meet these challenges, we need leaders who understand our duty to God’s creation and future generations. That's why we are calling on Gov. Rick Scott to create a plan to reduce carbon pollution and confront the impacts of a changing climate.”

Leary’s partisan monologue designed to convince readers that Republicans do not care as much as Democrats about things like clean air and the environment is very short on originality. Furthermore, and more damning to his Democrat talking point, is his use of Pres. Obama’s current spiritual adviser to deliver it. Seriously? Could Leary find a more partisan resource?

Leary’s not-so-subtle attempt to use the president’s spiritual adviser to cast aspersions against Republicans and like-minded Independents is akin to drinking Visine to relieve a stomach ache. It keeps getting worse.

National polls clearly indicate voters are far more concerned about the economy and how Obamacare is going to effect their health insurance premium rates and deductibles for the year 2015. They also believe the country is headed in the wrong direction; that's the political "climate change" Leary needs to address if he wants to help Democrats in November.

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