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Tammy starring Melissa McCarthy

4th of July Movies to watch
4th of July Movies to watch

Tammy is a fun, yet meaningful movie to enjoy this 4th of July weekend. It provides lots of laughs; some slap stick comedy, and a deep look into how all of our relationships shape who we become.

Topper Jacks…the job

The movie begins with Tammy, played by Melissa McCarthy, driving in her beat- up car, on her way to work. She is late because she hit a deer. When she gets to work at the hamburger joint, her boss calls her into the office, and fires her for being tardy, once again. Tammy behaves in a way many of us may have wanted to, but never dared. She flips him off, and tells him off, then damages the food products. The rest of the staff watches, secretly smiling, and feeling like Tammy is a hero, with the courage to speak for all of them.

To the real-life side, her boss fired her because it was apparent she was not a good employee. However, the movie turns her into the hero, for her shoddy work. When young people see this, they will laugh, as did everyone in the theatre, but what it really shows, is a disrespectful relationship the employee has for her boss, who was only doing his job, to make the hamburger joint the best it could be. The movie makes it appear it is ok to behave in an unprofessional manner at work, and then be mad when you face the consequences of being fired.

The Day Gets Worse

Tammy goes home after getting fired, opens the door, to find her husband having an affair with the neighbor. She screams, stomps out the door, and walks two doors down to her parent’s home.

This shows yet another relationship of Tammy’s. Her mother is beautiful; she is not. Her mother tries to help her, but Tammy has too much of a chip on her shoulder about life in general. Tammy does what she always does, she won’t listen, but she will lash out at those trying to help her.

Running Away

Tammy’s alcoholic grandmother, played by, Susan Sarandon, also lives with Tammy’s parents. Tammy tells her mother, she is taking her grandmother’s car, and just blowing that town. Her mother tells her that is how she handles everything; she runs away, and then comes back with nothing solved. The mother refuses to let Tammy take her grandmother’s car. The grandmother hears all this, comes out with a suitcase in hand, and several thousand dollars in her purse. She explains her daughter is trying to put her in an old folk’s home; she wants to see Niagara Falls.

Tammy and her grandmother hit the road. They have a lot of crazy, and funny things happen. The problem is all the things Tammy, and her drunken grandmother did are very immature, and not realistic. We watch as Tammy and her grandmother, share stories on the road, and develop a beautiful bond between them.

The Lesbian Cousin

After breaking the law, Tammy, and her grandmother, go to the home of her grandmother’s friend, and cousin, played by Kathy Bates. Her home is beautiful, and everything seems perfect.

The cousin is where a major life lesson, and turning point for Tammy happens. A big 4th of July, Lesbian party, is thrown at the house. Tammy’s grandmother gets drunk, takes the stage, flashes, and then says cruel things about Tammy’s weight.

Tammy sulks, and goes to sit by herself. The cousin comes over, and a conversation is started. When the conversation wraps up, the cousin looks at Tammy, and says, “I have this beautiful home, and nice things, because I worked my butt off for them. That is what you have to do, life is not fair, and no one is going to hand you anything. It is time you clean your act up, pull yourself together, and become all you can be.”

The End of the Beginning

Just as Tammy, has decided to take her cousins advice, the police arrest her, and put her in prison. When she is released, she finds out her grandmother, was put in the old folk’s home. Once again, she gets in the car, and goes to rescue her grandmother. Tammy has the impulsive personality of a person with a borderline personality disorder. Tammy’s grandmother has gotten her life together; she has quit drinking, and is happy at the home.

The grandmother goes with Tammy anyway. They make it to Niagara Falls. Magic happens there, and the movie ends with Tammy, finally picking the right direction to head with her life.

In Review

The movie is fun, predictable, and makes you laugh. If you watch it, and watch how the relationships of Tammy’s life, made her think, and behave in certain ways, it is a very interesting psychological study of families, marriage, work, and love. In the end love rules, just like it does in life if we are lucky enough open up to it.

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