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Tammie Stevens is an American Hero

Tammie Stevens, from Pueblo Colorado is an amazing dog rescuer, Executive Director of The Lazarus Fund and a very caring human. Many people commit to serving causes, however Tammie has set up an entire operation to sell products which are used as resources to save dogs from all over the world.

Saving the animals and writing a book
Tammie Stevens
The Lazarus Fund saves animals
Tammie Stevens

She is also the owner, creative director and book publisher with billy fish books and has won the Benjamin Franklin Award in 2013,among with some other very prestigious awards. As quoted from the website:

  • Before starting BillyFish Books, I pursued a successful performing career, and founded an animal rescue, The Lazarus Fund, of which I am still executive director here in Colorado. Both lines of work required resourcefulness and perseverance to engineer creative solutions to often seemingly insurmountable problems, a common feature of the world of independent publishing it seems, and honed my skills in public relations and the media.
  • My real forte, however, is championing a person or cause I believe in. Add to that a nose for a good yarn and a sharp editorial eye, and you have a savvy negotiator in your corner, someone who will do whatever it takes to connect your story with a wide readership. For whether it’s acting out stories on stage, turning heartbreaking animal stories into happy ones, or publishing them, I am the voice of someone or something crying out to be heard. That has always been, and always will be, where my heart is.

The products she sells are facial creams and anti aging products. She uses donates 100% of the profits to help save dogs she finds in need of rescue.

There are videos available of her work, please check out her video of The Lazarus fund rescuing a dog called Andy. In another video she tells a story of a dog rescuing mission that saves dogs from being euthanize d and putting them in caring and loving homes.

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