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Tameka Raymond fed up with 'Atlanta Exes'

"Atlanta Exes" star, Tameka Raymond is already fed up with her new boss, VH1. Only three episodes into the season and she is complaining about her negative portrayal on the show. Not surprising, she blames her erratic behavior on “aggressive” editing. She wrote a lengthy explication defending her poor behavior by saying she was going through a lot at the time, but wants to clarify to her fans what they see is not indicative to her true character.

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Tameka Foster custody battle
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According to, she accused VH1 of splicing the episodes to create tensions between cast members to drive the storyline. “…Several scenes were placed together that did not happen in real time as they appeared,” she wrote. Critics aren’t buying into Tameka’s story. Some have accused her of playing victim and using her unfortunate circumstances as a ploy for irresponsibility.

Tameka has had a hell of a year. She barely made it out of a very bitter divorce and expensive custody battle with her ex. She suffered the tragic loss of her beloved son, Kile Glover in a jet ski accident. To add to her pain, one of her sons has been diagnosed with type II diabetes and all this is happening while taping her new reality show.

Let’s face it, many of us would have crumbled under this amount of pressure. She deserves credit for her unwavering strength. If you’ve watched any of the episodes, you can see just how much pain she is in. She appears to be detached and devoid of emotions. Her emotional suppression could be a coping mechanism for everything she has been dealing with. It’s a fair statement that she could be acting out of unchecked pain and grief, which can paint her in a negative light.

We can all sympathize with Tameka; however, blaming her bad behavior on editing is simply a cop out. The former Mrs. Raymond’s antics have been well documented long before the cameras started rolling; the show only illuminates them. Regardless if the scenes were filmed and edited out of sequence, she still behaved the way she behaved and she still said what she said.

Tameka admitted she knew what she was getting into, so shifting the blame shows no accountability on her part. Could her diatribe about the show’s editors mean Tameka will not return for season two? Time will tell and we will have to wait and see.

Is poor editing to blame for Tameka's negative portrayal?

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