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Tame your passions with common sense and compromise

gently by Ilya Haykinson via Flickr
gently by Ilya Haykinson via Flickr

Thursday January 16, 2014: Do something positive today... something positively physical... celebrate, show some appreciation, pay someone a compliment and let your light shine

Some folks will be guilty of bad behavior, don't let one of those folks be you. Indulge your passions but be gentle and show a little common sense. Parts of you are in conflict and your passions are high, so don't be reckless. Use this passion positively by bravely taking action on things that have been percolating for a while.

To make the most of today, be assertive (as opposed to aggressive), but at the same time be diplomatic. Get out of your ego and into your heart. Be willing to share the spotlight, have fun, live fully, and if you feel backed into a corner remember that conversation and compromise, both with yourself and others, will serve you better than force.

Today's Quote

Passion is beautiful. Creative, intense, loving, full on, sensitive, meaningful, out there and perfect for me.

However, "passion" has a nasty sister called "reckless". She is impetuous by nature and acts purely on impulse. She is made of pure passion: the unbridled and unadulterated kind. She has the power to win and influence all in her way. She is intoxicating, sultry and seductive. Equally smart and sexy. You just can't get enough.

But don't be fooled. Beneath the allure is her wicked facade. Reckless is self-centered, indulgent and in constant need of instant gratification. She skillfully gets her own way, even if it means throwing you into harm's way. She is selfish and can never be trusted.

If you don't tame "passion" you will soon meet "reckless." Many successful people have been seduced by recklessly jumping into hot deep pools of passion without testing the waters, before it's too late.

Tame your passion and let it serve you rather than work against you. Sometimes you need to bring things back a peg or two and talk them through. Then proceed slowly and cautiously. No harm in that.

Trent Leyshan, Tame your passions

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