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Tamara Silvera "Sink or Swim" CD Review

Tamara Silvera's 1st CD
Tamara Silvera's 1st CD

Sink or Swim crashes the wave of pop stereotypes by integrating various musical influences within short, poignant composures. Given the release was in ’97, it’s reflective of the great women musicians in the 90’s generation. “Let you know” is reminiscent of Sheryl Crow , “Breakdown” has a Dido feel to it, and “Sink or Swim” has hints of Paula Cole, but each tune has a lyrical honesty and a unique sound which spotlight’s Silvera’s talents as a songwriter/composer. The tracks are diverse yet cohesive with beautiful, deep, but light vocals. Listen to the striped down, soulful, and truthful “Don’t” in which her amazing abilities as a strong woman musician shine. Put the Pod on repeat and soak in a very talented woman’s solid first time efforts.