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Tamara Silvera presents 'Sing Out Live' p2

The Spot in Culver City
The Spot in Culver City
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“Sing Out Live” helps my students grow month after month. You only really make a song yours if you can perform it, and this is my answer for that. I really think they becomes better singers because they are performing.” Explains Tamara Silvera of her pet project. The Spot Cafe is happy to have SING OUT LIVE on Sunday, December 12, at 7pm.

“If you’ve never been, it’s exciting to be in the audience. I have some really great singers, I have good singers, and I have people who will be good singers that are in process. If the audience comes regularly, they get to see their growth too. The thing is they only sing 3 songs, so if the singers are having an off night the audience doesn’t have to stick with them for long. I’ve had someone come up to me and say ‘I can’t believe that this girl is doing so well now. I saw her a few months ago, and she’s improved so much.” Tamara smiles “You also don’t have to be one of my students to perform, I just use it as a tool for my students, but everyone is welcome”.

“It’s designed to bridge that gap for people who don’t know where to go when they have material and haven’t performed it live yet. It works, and it blows my mind how well it works. I have a guy that’s an ex – backup singer for Rikki Lee Jones and Kenny Loggins, and he said ‘I want to do that because I don’t get to perform anymore’. It’s really a fun show.” Tamara says. “I know people give workshops to cure it, but my experience is that you don’t get over it until you do it, and you still get the fear everytime, but you do it anyway.”

“I call it a vocal cabaret. This year we randomly pick a songwriter every month and then that way you can do one song from that specific songwriter. It pushes people out of their comfort zones a bit, if they choose to explore other writers. It’s really fun.”