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Tamara Silvera presents 'Sing Out Live'

Tamara Silvera presents 'Sing Out Live'
Tamara Silvera presents 'Sing Out Live'
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The Spot Cafe is happy to have SING OUT LIVE back on Sunday, November 14, 2010. Starting at 7pm. We have a great show in store for you featuring the songs of Leonard Cohen. This month's line-up includes Weina Dinata, Marcos Avila, Jim Pirri, Scott Williams, Jennifer Lopez, Christyona O'Sullivan and Sabrina Fuster. Russell Jackson will be playing the piano and Tamara Silverawill open the show with a few tunes of her own. Admission is free and all ages are welcome. Join us for an evening of great tunes, great food and friends just because live music is a treat for the soul.

Singer/Songwriter Tamara Silvera began ‘Sing Out Live’ to help aspiring singers put themselves out there “It’s a monthly show that I do that gives people a chance to sing live, with a real band. It’s not an industry showcase, {nor} a competition. I have two hours to fill, it’s between 5-8 singers. They basically do three songs each, unless there are fewer singers, then they do more songs. Russell Jackson, an amazing piano player backs up the singers.”

Based on her own experiences as a musician Tamara realized “I was a great singer by myself in a room, or after I got used to it, in front of my coach. I could never sing well live because I would have crippling stage fright. I couldn’t get my body to function because of the fear. When I was a kid, they had these contests, they were basically competitions, and whomever won those did the recital. The only live singing opportunity was choir and your with a group then. So I developed this idea out of coaching. I figured people can sing what they want, keep it low key, and help people grow in confidence. I watch them grow each month.”

“you really only make a song yours when you perform it in a weird way….”

Part 2 Tamara talks about blossoming singing talent, Her own process, and how to come join the Sing Out Live group.