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Tamar Braxton shows off new ring on ‘Ellen’; comparable to Kim Kardashian’s ring

Tamar Braxton is still very excited about her Christmas gift. The entertainer was on the Ellen Show on Wednesday showing off her stunning (and very big) ring. The ring battle of Hollywood has everyone showing off the diamond rings and it doesn’t matter why the ring was given, but how big it is definitely is important. The singer had plenty to say about the ring, but she didn’t know one important little detail that had everyone surprised. She didn’t know how many carats the ring was. Rumorfix posted photo of the massive diamond on Wednesday afternoon.

“I thought he was joking at first as when he opened the box it had a light,” said Tamar Braxton on The Ellen Show. Making the perfect shot, the star moved her hand so the ring could be seen by the viewers at home. When asked how big the ring was, she claimed she wasn’t aware. “I don’t know.”

If Tamar Braxton appears to be a little forward about the ring situation, it’s fair to say she has some competition. The ring wars in Hollywood started with Kim Kardashian showing off her mammoth rock. From there the stakes have been high with female celebrities showing off the bling on their fingers. If there were a Hollywood film, the ladies would be in a movie called the "Hollywood Ring Wars" and so far Braxton is in the lead, so far this year.

Take a look at the video clip of Tamar Braxton’s ring. Equal to in size of Kim Kardashian’s ring and bigger than Kaley Cuoco’s ring, Tamar has upped the stakes for whomever reveals their ring next.

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