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Tallgrass Brewing Company is switching to cans


The craft brewing industry has and continues to experience an increase in the number of companies canning their beers. Some of these breweries were started, knowing that the can was going to be their primary packaging. Oskar Blues, High Noon Saloon and Brewery, and Surly Brewing Company are a few examples of this. Others, like New Belgium, Ska Brewing Company, and Sly Fox, have added cans to their lineup. Something that may be a little less common is switching completely from bottling to canning. Well, that's exactly what Manhattan, KS based Tallgrass Brewing Company is doing.

Founder Jeff Gill has created a "canifesto." The Tallgrass Canifesto outlines the reasoning behind the switch. Environmental impact and convenience are two of the issues that factored into the decision, but something else, that is often forgotten, is the fact that the can is better for the beer. Cans completely block out light and offer a better seal. "Think of them as little recyclable kegs that fit into a backpack", says Gill.

Look for Tallgrass cans to start hitting shelves in May. The timing of this couldn't be better. Summer brings camping, going to the pool, and other outdoor activities that welcome the convenience and safety of cans. When asked about the switch the folks at Tallgrass had this to say, "We are very excited! Even more excited that we can drink our beer on the golf course, at the lake, on a hike... or on the disc golf course!"

For more info on Tallgrass Brewing Company visit their website.


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