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Tallgrass Brewing Company is adding a new beer to their lineup

Tallgrass Brewing Co.
Tallgrass Brewing Co.
Tallgrass Brewing Co.

Tallgrass Brewing Company out of Manhattan, KS notified fans on facebook this morning about a new beer they are about to release. If you visit the brewery's website they don't identify what that beer is, but they do provide a hint as to what it may be. That hint is the image of a wheat penny. Also, maybe a month ago, there were some images of a new Tallgrass beer label appearing on the web. So it is pretty obvious the new beer is probably this Halcyon Wheat.

If you recall when Tallgrass first started, their lineup included a wheat beer. It was later discontinued shortly before the brewery switched from bottling to canning their beers. This move didn't seem to disappoint too many Tallgrass beer drinkers, the original wheat beer didn't set well with some. But it only makes sense that a brewery in Kansas have a wheat beer in their portfolio and Tallgrass is giving another shot.

With possibly a new recipe, more experience, and the switch to cans, this wheat beer will hopefully create even more Tallgrass Brewing fans. Warmer weather is hopefully on its way, and a refreshing wheat beer in a can will be the perfect summer drink.