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'Talks About Nothing' DVD Review: Define nothing

'Talks About Nothing' DVD Review: Define nothing
'Talks About Nothing' DVD Review: Define nothing

The Rubin Museum of Art opened in 2004 in New York City and has brought together some of the most active minds in this generation. Filmed in 2010-2011, the museum paired neurologist Oliver Sacks with blind photographer John Dugdale and had them talk about topics that would allow them to ask inspiring questions of the subject at hand. They would use their background to answer the questions put to them and would generate a dialogue between themselves.

Brian Cox, Shakespearean Actor paired with developmental psychologist Alison Gopnik brought an interesting scope to the how children develop. Andrew Cohen, spiritualist, and Bronx born Lama Surya Das were paired together. Ken Burns with Tibetan Buddhist painter Traleg Rinpoche make up another pairing. Laurie Anderson matched with author Charles Seife will make up an interesting pairing.

The people brought to this experiment were authors, actors, writers, directors, philosophers, physicists with such a vast worth of knowledge between them you can guess the conversations would take off in tangents. Athena has brought this enlightening and inspiring DVD for our viewing pleasure and it will debut on March 11, 2014.

The visual and sound quality of the DVD is remarkable. The quality of guests makes this an incredible journey into nothing.

The Rubin Museum of Art is one the most innovative in bringing Himalayan art and showing its relevance to modern existence.

By bringing together the minds and backgrounds of such a diverse group of individuals it allows for the topics to be picked apart and put back together in ways that for most people you wouldn't recognize. This is truthfully one DVD you will want for your home library. Enjoy.