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Talking with Josey Milner about her single, “Cowgirls”

Nashville, TN

All photos property of Josey
All photos property of Josey
2014 Josey
Josey Milner, "Cowgirls"
2014 Josey Milner

I don’t normally interview somebody when they are getting a dress fitting but this busy young lady had only a few minutes to chat the other day and she had to walk away from a needle and a thread to get this interview done.

I had heard this single, “Cowgirls,” that is climbing the charts and I was looking forward to speaking to this young lady who recorded it and who was obviously chocked full of talent. I knew we didn’t have a lot of time so I got right down the heart of the matter. This is how our quick but meaningful interview went.

Q How long have you been performing?

A I have been performing for almost 3 years now. I started singing about 4 years ago and before that I did rodeo. Another country artist recommended that I put a band together and get out there and I took her advice.

Q Is rodeo your first love?

A It was for a while. I did it for eight years. I started that at age 7. It was a big change going from rodeo to country music. I miss my rodeo fans but I also love my music and I think it is worth the sacrifice.

Q Well maybe you can find a way to do both at the same time?

A Yeah, yeah. Maybe go to a rodeo and compete and then afterwards have a show.

Q There might be a way that you can combine them and then have the best of both worlds and then one fan base feeds the other and the other fan base feeds that fan base?

A Yeah, yeah. I like it.

Q You could grow them both at the same time. Is this dress fitting for the awards show?

A The dress is for my prom.

Q How cool.

A I am going as Cinderella and my date is going as Prince Charming because Cinderella is my favorite Disney Princess. I figure it is my senior year so I was going to try and do something different that people are going to remember.

Q I love it. Can you get me a picture of the dress?

A Definitely. It is not done yet. It is just now in the process of being made but when it’s done, I would be more than happy to send you a picture.

Q That would have been cool to put you in the Cinderella dress for this article. Josey, is there a message you want to send out to the public, something that you want to say in a final thoughts kind of way?

A Well I would say anyone who is trying to go out there and find their thing, definitely go out there and do it. I never expected to be in the position I am today with my music. “Cowgirls,” is doing so well and I am getting such good feedback on the song. I have a lot of determination and a lot of passion and dedication. I have a lot of support and will keep going with it. I would say that as long as you have passion and you are very determined on what you want to do, you can achieve any goal that you set your mind too.

Q That’s a good message. That’s a really good message.

A I have always told myself to follow my heart and dare to dream. You have to dream big to achieve big.

Well, with a seamstress waiting for Miss Josey, we said our goodbyes. It was a real pleasure to talk to Josey Milner. Find out more about Josey by going to her website at:

While you are there, check out, “Cowgirls.” or you could click the YouTube link right here to hear it.

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