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Talking with DJ Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni of the Whiskey and Cigarettes Show

Disc Jockey’s are so used to interviewing people but not so used to being interviewed. I told Nik that this interview will give him a chance to see how it feels to be on the other side of the questions. He laughed.

Photos of prior guests of the Whiskey & Cigarettes Show
Photos of prior guests of the Whiskey & Cigarettes Show
Photo by Rick Diamond
Whiskey & Cigarettes
2014 Donna Nolan Wilson

Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni is the host of the Whiskey and Cigarettes Show which is syndicated by 51 stations. I’d say that makes this a pretty popular show indeed. We talked about how he got started, when he got started and why he got started being a D.J. and the conversation went like this:

The very first thing I noticed was that he had an accent that was not what I expected from a man living in Italy.

Q What kind of accent is that?

A It is an interesting story. Even though I was raised in Italy, I was raised to speak English by my mother who is South African. She taught me English and Italian simultaneously and I ended up having a British accent. When I speak to other English speakers, they mistake me for being British.

Q I was going to say that you do sound British and I was told you were Italian.

A Even some of my guests sometimes, I talk to them and they are like, “we were expecting an Italian,” and I am like, I am Italian.


Q So Whiskey and Cigarettes?

A That’s correct.

Q Where did that name come from?

A Okay, well unfortunately I am a smoker and I certainly enjoy my whiskey but the thing is outside of that, when the first country songs I actually heard were old time country songs and the main ones I happened to have heard had the constant mention of either cigarettes or whiskey in it. I said to myself, if I ever create a country show, that is what I am going to call it. It sounded catchy to me and that is basically where the name came from.

Q I hear you have more than one radio show?

A Yes, I have 3 radio shows. Whiskey and Cigarettes is my country show and I have, “Metal from Milan,” which is my metal show and then I do, “Rockstock,” with another DJ from Florida and that is on FM locally.

Q Wow. You’re busy.

A I keep myself busy. I just love radio so much and I enjoy it so much. I enjoy so many different styles of music. I love to be able to express myself musically with these shows. I am on two very opposite sides of the spectrum, on one side doing metal and rock and the other side doing country.

We talked about some of the guests he has interviewed, where you can catch his show and his plans for the future. If you want to learn more about the Italian DJ with the British accent coming to the world from Milan, Italy, check out the Whiskey & Cigarettes Show

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