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Talking with Anne Rice's "People of the Page"

Anne Rice
Anne Rice

In the past couple of weeks, the Anne Rice Examiner has been running a series of interviews with the author’s “People of the Page”.

So far, we have met a fascinating good witch, a brave man who fights for advocacy, and a family man who lives on the bayou. Each quite different and yet brought to Anne Rice’s Facebook page by their mutual appreciation of the writer and staying for the sense of community it provides and the many friends they’ve made on the page.

It has been our pleasure to introduce these folks to you and we hope you’ve had as much fun getting to know them, as we have had, asking the questions.

Coming up next, the always interesting, Joaquin Hernandez Hinojasa.


1) The followers of Anne Rice's page have often seen your numerous posts, but when you're not in cyber-space what is life like?

I live in Mexico and work as a translator. I also teach English as a foreign language at the University. I’m a little bit of a writer myself, although haven´t published anything yet. I love writing short stories and hope to learn more about independent publishing so I can release sort of an e-book real soon. I always write in Spanish. Anne Rice and Gabriel García Márquez have been a huge inspiration for me as a writer.

2) What do you look for when sharing a post?

I must confess everything I do; I do it for Anne Rice. Every time I post a picture, a question or a piece of information, it’s for her eyes only. I’m overjoyed whenever she answers or comments on my posts. I’ve collected every single reply. I must have about 800 by now. Unfortunately, I’ve never met her. She’s never signed or inscribed any of my books but I consider myself privileged for all of her responses to the many questions I’ve asked her during the past 3 years.

3) What first brought you to Anne's page?

I’m lucky I found her page on Facebook. I wish I’d found it earlier, though. As I said before, she’s been a huge inspiration for me. Her novels have stirred so many things inside of me through the years: some of them positive, some others devastating. I remember I couldn’t stop crying when I finished reading ‘Violin.’ I suffered from low self-esteem since I was a child, just as Triana did. I was also overweight and my father was an alcoholic. She doesn’t know it, but that novel helped me in so many ways and for that I’ll be forever grateful to Anne Rice.

4) What is your favorite Anne Rice book and why?

‘Interview with the Vampire.’ My father passed away back in 1994 and, coincidentally, I started reading IWTV a week after he died. I remember it was such a surreal experience. Her novel, literally, tore me to pieces but, at the same time, it was the best possible healing experience ever.

5) If you personally met any or all of the People of the Page, what would you tell them about yourself?

I would tell them we’re all truly blessed for being part of such a positive community. We are the People of the Page and she's our Queen. Long live our Anne Rice!!!


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Coming up, a review of "Manson" by Jeff Guinn and another fascinating interview with one of Anne's most frequent posters.

See ya next time!

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