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Talking trash with Bobby Parker of The Larchmont Trash

The Larchmont Trash playing at the Norfolk Taphouse on March 14, 2014.
The Larchmont Trash playing at the Norfolk Taphouse on March 14, 2014.
Beth Austin

Approximately four years ago, Bobby Parker was playing drums at a house party where he met Charles Glover. Charles said he had some songs and asked if he and his friend Hoyt March could come over and play sometime. The guys met up, and with Bobby and Charles both on guitar, Hoyt took over on drums. You read that right, no bass, just guitars and drums. They were happy with the sound and played together effortlessly. That was the beginning of what was to become “The Larchmont Trash”.

Bobby Parker of The Larchmont Trash
Beth Austin

Before their March 14 show at the Taphouse Grill in Norfolk, I was able to catch up with Bobby and chat about the band, music and ask him the “quick six”.

Beth Austin: Tell me about the band name? Where did that come from?

Bobby Parker: One of our first shows was at a party and we mentioned that we lived in Larchmont. Someone yelled out "The Larchmont Trash" and it stuck. However every time we play, Hoyt makes a new drum head with a different name. So in our minds, we’re that band for the night.

BA: Yeah, I’ve nearly missed you a few times because of that. For people who have yet to experience The Larchmont Trash, describe your sound?

BP: Screaming over a lawnmower would be the sound, but you can find us in the garage /punk rock section in the record store.

BA: Speaking of records, tell me about yours.

BP: We have a 10" record called "I Spent the Summer With...The Larchmont Trash”.
released on Matt and Jen Beck’s local label SHDWPLY Records. There’s a digital download included with the record.

BA: And where can we find it?

BP: Matt got it over to Revolver and Goner Records, and I heard some copies were seen/bought in Japan. At this point, there are only about twenty or thirty copies left. But you can still get a digital download at We’re also working on putting out a new 7" this Fall.

BA: When it comes to writing, how do you guys do your thing?

BP: We all get together in the practice space, channel The Oblivians, and stare at the Ramones poster on the wall. The songs come in two minutes spurts with three chords. We all have short attention spans.

BA: Yeah, me too. I like my music fast and to the point. Who do you guys listen to?

BP: The Oblivians, Black Lips, The Mummies, Zeroes, NoBunny, Off!, The Spits, Ty Segall, The Gories, The Reatards and DC hardcore like VOID. Also early Black Flag, Hank Williams Sr., and lots of garage junk from the 60's and 70's punk.

BA: Nice! So where are your favorite places to play, and what’s going on with this Norfolk Taphouse show?

BP: Our favorite places to play are house parties because the kids always get into it and go wild. We also like playing Belmont House Of Smoke because Patrick Walsh does the sound and he rules.

The Taphouse show is our attempt to get as many good garage/punk bands into one room in one night as possible. We’re there with The Sniffs from DC, Hot Dolphin from Richmond, VA, and Busboy And The Busboys from Norfolk, VA. They'd only let us have 4.

BA: That sounds killer, and I’m looking forward to it. Okay Bobby, it’s time for the “quick six”. Don’t think too long, just answer with the first thing that comes to mind.

BP: Okay, but I’m going to answer for everybody.

BA: Fair enough. Jan or Marcia?

BP: Marcia

BA: Hash Browns or Grits?

BP: Grits

BA: High Tops or Low Tops?

BP: Low

BA: Mac or PC?

BP: Mac

BA: Bacon or “Facon”?

BP: I like “Facon," but the other two would eat the face off a pig!

To find out more about The Larchmont Trash, check out their Facebook Page
Be sure to visit to download " I Spent The Summer With... The Larchmont Trash.”

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