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Talking To Psychic Patricia Olson


Patricia Olson - Psychic
2012 Patricia Olson

Most people that read my articles (my readers) are aware that I recently lost my sister. I still feel her here with me and I have gotten all kinds of signs from her letting me know it is her and she is still watching over me and her daughters. I have been friends with a psychic on Facebook for a few years now but never had any direct conversations with her until the other day. I believe that was no coincidence. We had a private message conversation wherein she told me that my brother in law needed to sleep in the middle of the bed. Now that could have been a random statement except for my brother in law had basically made my sisters side of the bed a memorial area for her. She also stated that the picture needed to come down, that had us confused as she stated it was in a bedroom. She didn’t say what bedroom but it was to come to be known that the photo she was talking about was in a bedroom and in the living room. I made an appointment for an interview and a reading with her because I really felt like my sister was trying to tell me some things. We confirmed a date and time. The following Q & A is from the actual conversation and reading that took place a few days ago.

Q So how are you doing today?

A Good. I hope the weather stays the way it is today.

Q I want to tell you what happened the other night after we communicated through instant messages. I ended up talking to my nieces. I continued talking to the younger niece until it was about 8 minutes to midnight my time which would have made it 8 minutes to one their time. I told the younger niece to go to bed but it was still before midnight my time so it was 5 minutes to midnight and was still the one month Anniversary of my sister starting her journey in the hereafter. I DVR my soaps and my sister knows this. I was watching and deleting the daily shows and I heard someone say, “The First Phone Call From Heaven.” I was like, WHAT? So I tried to find out more information about it. I need to tell you that my sister was an avid reader. She loved to read and always had her nose in a book. I tried to find out what that was all about and You Tube popped up in my browser on my laptop. I said what the heck and I typed in, “The First Phone Call From Heaven.” Next thing I know an audio book Part 1 popped up. The very next words I hear is a voice that says, “For Debbie.” Pat, my sister’s name is Debbie.

I burst into tears realizing this was a clear message from her. I listened to Part 1 and Part 2 of this audio book and posted about something amazing happening to me on Facebook. I went to sleep fully intending on listening to the rest of the book the next day because the story was featuring a woman who has lost her sister as well as a woman who has lost her mother, a man who had lost his wife and a man who had lost his child. The next day when I put the same link in my browser, the narrated audio book was gone, it just vanished. I panicked and did another search on YouTube for that book title and found a publishers promo for it. I played it and after a brief intro from the publisher, again the voice said, For Debbie. I then shared that with my nieces. I know my sister wants me to read the book. When I spoke to my niece the next day she told me that the author of that book is one of her mother’s favorite authors. She had other books written by him. Debbie always believed in the hereafter. The last time I saw her she took my hand, squeezed it hard and looked me right in the eyes and she promised she would find a way to get messages back to us. I know she is doing just that. In this book, people only get phone calls from heaven on Friday’s. My sister left this earth on a Friday.

A Interesting.

Q I don’t believe that there is any such thing as coincidence.

A No, everything is connected.

Q You mentioned a photograph the other day. Can you tell me more about that?

A Yes, your brother in law needs to put it away. You know we love each other so intensely that we hold the spirit here.

Q My nieces and my brother in law had to tell my sister it was okay to go.

A We have to tell them it is okay so that they will let go. That is why they linger so long. Once you tell them that it is okay to go, unless there is somebody missing from actually saying goodbye, they let go. Unless they are holding on for somebody traveling to get there to say goodbye, they will let go but they have to have your blessing to go so that they know you will be okay.

Q Yes, my sister waited until her Goddaughter who is also her niece got there. She left within minutes of her arrival.

A See what I mean? They hold on. They wait to hear that final goodbye. Even if they are not coherent they still hear. Sometimes they are not in the body, they are outside the body but they still see and know that you cared enough to come and say goodbye to them. Then and only then they let go.

Q Wow, incredible.

A It is an amazing ability that the spirit has to have that much strength to do that. It really is.

Q Well we are all energy.

A Oh yeah.

Q I think our soul is energy. When it leaves the body it is still out there.

A They are all right here. I walked into a house so heavy and full of spirits that it is hard to breathe when you go in the house. It’s hard to breath and there are so many in it that they haven’t left.

Q Are you talking about the house you are in now?

A No. It is one of the Pilgrim houses from the original settlement here. There are seven skulls in the house, literally in the walls of the house.

Q Whoa.

A It’s called the House of Seven Skulls. The house is so heavy with spirits that won’t leave that you can’t stay in there. You have to get out because it is so hard to breath, the pressure on your body. It is incredible.

Q My niece tells me that her Dad put up a photo of my sister on the mantle and it keeps falling down.

A Because she doesn’t want it there.

Q I think so.

A SHE DOES NOT WANT THAT DAMN PICTURE THERE. That’s her words, not mine.

Q That’s probably upsetting.

A She is taking her finger and tapping it. I don’t want the damn picture there.

Q You know what is exactly how she would say that too.

A That’s what she just said. She has her finger going.

Q Oh my God, that is what she would do.

A That is her message. Get rid of that picture. Put it away. You don’t have to throw it away but put it away.

Q She doesn’t want it displayed?

A "No, if you want to put a picture of me up there, put a picture of me smiling and healthy. That is not how I want you to remember me." Pat says, she liked her hair done and that doesn’t have her hair done. She wants something with her hair looking nice. She also wants her husband to get a new bed.

Q Really?

A She wants him to have a fresh new bed.

Q He is not ready for that yet but I will tell him to think about that about 6 months or a year out. How long have you been doing readings?

A 38 years.

Q What do you consider yourself, a psychic?

A I am an intuitive which is another name for a Psychic. I have a number of abilities, not just someone who can see into the future. It started off with being able to know who was on the phone, know who was coming over. The man that I married I met in High School and he went to Vietnam. He would write letters with questions and at the same time he was writing letters with questions I was writing answers in a letter and saying, I don’t know why I am writing this but blah, blah, blah. We would think it was very odd but kind of cute and we really didn’t pay much attention to it. Then after we got married then I would know who was on the phone and who was coming over before the phone or door bell would ring. It stayed at that level for a while and then when I was 26 I was pregnant with my 2nd child and 7 months into the pregnancy I had a stroke and with that stroke all of a sudden boom there were all of the other things.

They all were jumbled together and I called the local University and I said listen this is happening. Do you have anybody down there that might come up and check out my story? They said oh sure and they sent up two parapsychologists and they checked out the house and they said yeah, we do think you do have some spirits here. I said well this is happening to me. What do you think this is? They ran some tests on me and asked me questions and I answered them. They came back a week later and said you have 97% accuracy, can we work with you? We want to take you to a hypnotist who can help open the door to your brain and we can help you see how to use these abilities. We did that twice and boom there they all were. With that I started to learn the basics of simple mind control. I used that in conjunction with what they were teaching me and away I went. It just grew, I educated myself and took some classes, got involved with some police work and it just grew from there.

Q So you do readings like The Long Island Medium?

A Yes although I am very different than her where I can channel someone. John Edwards is the one that transformed that title from a medium which is actually a psychic. A psychic should be able to do that but he took it and made that word into the word medium. When I am under and in one of those sessions they refer to me as a telephone. The spirits will say, “The telephone is tired now.”

Q Right. A means of communication. Here we are talking about the book, The Phone Call From Heaven.

A Right, there you go. I didn’t even connect that.

Q The first phone call happens through a telephone.

A I actually experienced one of those phone calls back in 1977. I answered the phone and there was funny echoing sound that I will never ever forget. I heard this voice say Pa-tricia. Every hair on my body stood up. I knew the voice instantly but my brain wouldn’t let me acknowledge it. I said hello, who is this? There was a pause and I heard it again, Pa-tricia. I said this isn’t funny. This is not funny, how is this? There was a pause and echo and then, “how were you?” And again I am getting goose bumps now as I am telling you this. I said this is not funny. Don’t jerk around, who is this? They said it again, “how were you?” Then there was nothing but that echo sound. Tears just ran down my face like water just pouring. It was my mother’s voice. My mother died when I was nine (9) and I was close to thirty (30) at that time. There is something about hearing your mother’s voice that you never forget. I went to the library the next day to do research on it and evidently it is a very common phenomenon. Spirits can use telephones to reach out.

Q Yeah, they use electronics.

A Yes. Yes. I really got into researching a lot of that and people often pick up the phone and say to someone, hey, your grandmother is on the phone and that person will be like, what do you mean my grandmother is on the phone? My grandmother died five (5) years ago. They will get to the phone and that energy will not be there but the person that answered the phone heard it. It takes tremendous energy for them to do that. The funny thing was my mother never called me Pat. She always would say you only answer to the name Patricia. That is your name. But that one sentence, “how were you?”

Q She was saying were instead of how ARE you?

A Yes, how were you? I have never heard that before and I have never heard it since.

Q Yeah because that is a little odd.

A It was very odd, very odd.

Q Because it was in past tense, how were you? What do you mean how were you? How was my childhood?

A I don’t know. I don’t know but my daughter is named after her. Before my mother died she went into the hospital for a 20 minute surgery and was killed my anesthesia.

Q Do you do phone readings?

A I do phone readings all over the world. I do house readings; I do speaking engagements for lots of functions.

Q How would somebody get in touch with you?



Q Oh okay, you have a website?

A I have a website and they can find me on Facebook under Pat Olson.

Q Okay, that’s so cute. t was like so obvious.


Q Are you getting anything else from Debbie as far as and I don’t know how much you read on my Facebook page.

A I didn’t. I didn’t to be honest with you. Tell me how long have you lived in Tennessee.

Q Three years.

A Why did you move there?

Q For songwriting.

A So you write country music?

Q I write in all genres but country is my favorite.

A I think what you have here is a pie. It looks like your pie is divided into 6 or 7 slices and you need to cut it back to 4 or 5.

Q In other words I have too much on my plate?

A Yes. Yes and if you cut it back to 4 or 5 you’ll have far more positive results income wise than 6 or 7 because you are stretching yourself too thin.

Q I agree with that.

A You are sitting on some stuff that you shouldn’t be sitting on that you should be producing out. So stop sitting on it, dust it off and get it out there.

Q I think I am sitting on a few things that I should be sitting on.

A Did you write a book?

Q I wrote a book, “The Traveling Jalapeno’s.

A And you’re not doing anything with it?

Q No. I am always helping out people and I let my own projects stall unfortunately.

A You will be moving closer to summer.

Q I need to move. We are a 3 hour round trip to Nashville.

A That is too much. You need to be within 1/2 hour of the city.

Q So the furthest out should be 1/2 hour?

A Yes, do not look or do anything about this in February. Mercury is in retrograde and you don’t do anything like that in February. Try to move before June 7th but don’t do anything about it in February. Don’t do anything legal or anything like that during that time frame.

Q Wow.

A Don’t file for anything with your music, don’t make any contracts or anything like that.

Q Just lay low in February?

A This particular February yes.

Q Oh it’s not every February, just this one? So you said you have done work for the police?

A Yes, when I work a murder it is like watching a movie. It is like I can see somebody driving up to a scene and I can look and watch and see it happen. It is kind of spooky. Are you bi-lingual?

Q No.

A Are you working with a bi-lingual person? I ask this because you need to put your children’s book into Spanish and it would sell like hotcakes.

Q Well it could be Mexico since they are The Traveling Jalapenos.

A Exactly my thought.

Q The Traveling Jalapenos are a band of Mexican cousins and I have a really good friend who is basically the voice of all three (3) cousins and he is bi-lingual. You may be picking up on him. Do you think my Jalapenos will take off?

A Yes. You need to carry around a tape recorder and when you get a thought to add to another script for a series, you need to record it.

Q I have a taping device with me all the time because of my songwriting ideas as well. I just have to go back to writing about them and being motivated. My sister passing away has really rocked my world and not in a good way.

A Thrown you into a tailspin.

Q Yes, it has been a month and a couple days of the Twilight Zone.

A But she needs you NOT to do that. You need to start celebrating her life not mourning her passing. All she did was step outside her body. Her spirit is just free of carrying the weight of a sick body?

Q Is there anything else she needs? I don’t know if she is still there. Is there anything else she needs me to do for her girls?

A Give me a second here. One of them is thinking about changing her hair. Did she change her hair or is thinking about changing her hair?

Q You mean right now one of them is considering doing something with her hair?

A Yes and hesitating because well maybe Mom always liked it this way or it’s been this way for so long. Her mother is saying stop holding back?

Q Go ahead and change it?

A It is time for a change and tell Nicole to stop rocking.

Q Who’s rocking?

A Nicole.

Q Wow. I don’t know if she is or not.

A Tell her that. You don’t have to rock yourself anymore. Stop.

Q Nicole thinks she is feeling her mother in the house.

A She is.

Q Yeah but she thinks when she feels cold, that is when she her mother is there?

A Yes, that is how you know the spirit is there, it’s cold. They come with cold air.

Q Oh wow.

A There should be something in the mail. Was she cremated?

Q Yes.

A She had no problem with that. Where are the ashes?

Q They have them. Does she want something done with them?

A She wants some of them sprinkled.

Q Does she have a preference in URNS? Should they get a double URN for husband and wife?


Q She said no?

A She said no. She wants him to marry again. She does not want him to be alone. They need a couple of little URNS for themselves so they each can have some of her and then if he wants to get a smaller URN for him and then spread the rest at their favorite place. Your sister had music playing at her wake?

Q Yes.

A She said I wish the music has played longer. Did the music stop short?

Q I wouldn’t say that it stopped short. I know what she means. Does my sister have any final thoughts and do you have any final thoughts?

A Your sister is saying three (3) things. One, make sure the girls get the book. Two, divide up my ashes and number three (3), listen for the whispers.

Q Listen for the whispers?

A Yes because I’ll be around a lot.

Q I know she will be.

A Yes and tell the girls that I will be around for a very long time. I will be around to see their grandchildren so tell them they will never really be without me. I’ll be there.

Q I will tell them.

We talked about some more things off the record and things that were just too personal to put in this article. I can tell you that my niece Nicole was thinking about not only cutting her hair to shoulder length but she was planning on changing the color as well. Nobody knew this at the time, nobody. She also confirmed that she had been rocking when alone and missing her mother.

This reading only reinforced my belief that we are never really gone and we will all see each other again one day.

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