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Talking out his *ss Obama promises people will save $8k a year on gas

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From Obama’s lips to your ears there’s just no more accurate way to say it. The President of the United States promises that in ten years, thanks to his ingenious demands that cars are designed with double the gas mileage, people will save $8000 a year on gasoline! This may come as a great relief to the average American family that currently spends an average of $6000 a year on gas.

“Barack the magic negro” promises gas savings

This begs the question, how does he come up with these numbers? Is he just pulling figures out of his backside, or are they actual calculations based on something he knows will be happening to the economy? Obama’s regulations shutting down oil drilling in the gulf and elsewhere may result in a shortage that drives pricing up to where people will actually be spending $16,000 a year per family on gas and this doubling will help!

But what kind of cars will be designed that will get this kind of mileage? Would they be glorified golf carts like the Smartcar? And what kind of fuel efficient truck can haul a forty ton trailer?

Liberals say Obama has never lied! His “you can keep your health insurance” promise was only made because people could not be trusted with the truth as he implements his signature legislation. This, too, begs the question, what truth can Americans not be trusted with about the future of gasoline?

Looking at what Democrat policies have done to the health insurance industry, do Americans dare trust Democrats to generate savings in handling their energy needs? Every time liberals put their efforts into making something better they wreck it and then say they need more of people’s tax dollars to fix it, but it never gets fixed. Thanks, but no thanks!

Young liberal wisdom; III – Democrats are for the little guy