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Talking Gourmet Food with Eric Steinberg

Greatest Food all over the World
Greatest Food all over the World
Eric Steinberg

He has been called “the most likeable Father on his ABC family hit show “Pretty Little Liars” as Colonel Wayne Fields” by Rebecca R. Cohen writer of three fantasy series novels. He has an amazing knowledge of cultural food from around the globe which is potentially why he agreed to this interview.

Eric Steinberg is not only a versatile actor with an incredible grasp of the true Hollywood spirit which is to love the classics and to adore the stage. He has been cast as Mercutio three times on the stage in “Romeo and Juliet” one of Shakespeare’s most memorable characters if not potentially Shakespeare’s most raw and well-liked character with all the action and passion of a truly great charismatic player. “I have never been seen as a Romeo” Eric confesses. He even broke his back once, playing Mercutio in his death scene.

The foodie in him inspires one to travel to the countries of his youth. Eric grew up in Thailand until he was 6 years old. His knowledge of the Thai food also surpasses some of the best gourmet critics that write for gourmet sophisticate food and travel magazines.

He has unusual and unique tastes when it comes to his love of food and his culturally enchanting background make it easy for him to explain the difference between a Washington D.C. Chinatown restaurant and the great meal his Mother cooked him at midnight that has no comparison to any restaurant in the world.

He loves his indulgences, such as rich and exotic tasting desserts in the finest restaurants that he takes great pride in finding. He lived in England for four years as a vegetarian and it presented a unique challenge for his tastes. But Eric is a very resourceful man and he found the greatest vegetarian food places in the area as it became a sport to him. The thrill is in the searching and the finding of the world’s greatest places to eat.

Eric Steinberg has only great childhood memories of his parents introducing him to the world as an adventurous gourmet, they insisted that he try everything, he once ate Sea Urchin in Thailand as a boy which most American children would undoubtedly have had a problem with that kind of cultural exposure. When asked what his favorite meal ever was his reply was,

My Mother’s kitchen, she once reheated a Beef Wellington a few hours after she made it from scratch for me at midnight after I came in late and it was the best meal I had ever eaten”

His respect for his parents goes far beyond maturity and dignity in his upbringing. He is a very grateful soul for the childhood he has got to live as part of his family life. His diverse cultural upbringing makes him extremely wise and dynamic in his knowledge of the world. His upbringing also makes him an extremely disciplined artist at his craft.

Not only is he committed to his work as an actor, in which he has another season of “Pretty Little liars” reprising his role as Colonel Wayne Fields. He also has several guest roles on other popular television series in which he gets to appear as a starring character for that week’s show. Eric longs for other roles on the stage that aggressively use all his talent very much like Shakespeare’s Mercutio.

Eric’s background and the role his parents played while he was growing up made him into the person he is, which is a very well rounded and interesting man. To him, his favorite place is Bangkok, Thailand which he became familiar with as an adult working on an acting job, and Bangkok introduced him to cultural variety and the variety of food in Asia that was available to him. His knowledge as a foodie is quite inspiring and beguiling, he has so many dimensions and depth as a human and a man that learning more about him is an indulgence for the writer.

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