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Talking Craft with Will Graham—Must-Have Books for Writers

We covered the software that some writers use. Now let’s talk about the books. Books on craft.

Will Graham
Will Graham

Which are the two books on craft—craft of writing—that Will Graham feels are Must-Haves for every writer.

If at least one of those isn’t a book on plotting, what book would you pick? Okay, fine, let’s say pick three books then.

Why Choice #1? Stephen King’s ON WRITING after reading that, I donated 90% of all the craft books I had collected over the years. King breaks it down so easily, details his particular process, and inspires me!

Why Choice #2? WRITING A KILLER THRILLER by Jodie Renner. Ms. Renner offers practical advice on plotting, character, setting, everything you need.

Why Choice #3? THE FIRE IN FICTION by Donald Maass. In a very easy to read style, Don teaches the writer how to ramp up the tension, set up various ‘ticking clocks’, how to structure and plan and plot and tease the reader, compelling them to keep turning the pages.

If you could attend only one lecture on the craft of writing, who would you want conducting/presenting/teaching that lecture? Be it another author, a publisher, editor, or …

Stephen King. Period.

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