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Talking, “Alcohol Abuse,” and the CMA Festival with Marshall Dane

The highlight of my week was sitting down to have a conversation with the mega talented and very sexy Marshall Dane. Ladies, this is one guy to keep an eye on and guys, I think you will like his music as well.

Photos of Marshall Dane
Photos of Marshall Dane
2014 MTS Management
Marshall Dane
2014 MTS Management

The very first thing I noticed about Marshall was his infectious energy. He draws you in with it. It is hard to not like him and in fact, I am sure there aren’t any women that don’t. Although we could have spoke about Niagara Falls and the weird weather and anything else that popped into my mind, I was there to do a job and do the job I must. Sometimes I just want to talk to some of these extremely talented folks as people and not even talk music, especially when they are as personable as Marshall is but I forced myself to stay on track. My first question to him was so, “Alcohol Abuse?”

A We have a brand new website and a brand new video. We just finished doing a Western Canadian Radio Tour and now we are heading through Ontario and we are about to head in May through the US of A for our very first time to see our brothers and sisters south of the border. It’s exciting. There is nothing not new happening right now. Everything seems like it is a first for everything. Our videos are bigger and everything is different.

Q Are you coming to CMA Festival in Nashville?

A Yes I am coming to CMA Festival. That will be my first time. I think that is somewhere at the beginning of June.

Q Its June 5th through the 8th.

A We are going to be performing.

Q And you sound really excited about that?

A I am.

Q Have you released the single?

A Yes, our brand new single went to radio just recently and again it's our first time trying to see what our friends around the globe think about the music that we are making here in Canada. We are taking it south of the border and we are bringing with us the new single, “Alcohol Abuse.” It is neat to see the different reactions on both sides of the scale. It’s cool, it’s exciting.

Q Have you released a CD?

A The album this song is on is, “One of these Days.” I started writing for that album in the middle of June 2011 and it took us two and a half years to get it to completion but it’s out there now.

Q Do you write your own material?

A I always did write until the last two records. I now will check out and consider other writers great songs on my albums. I only take a song onto my records that I really wish I wrote myself or that it is something that I feel is so phenomenal that I can feel myself inside the song. I have on the last two albums included tunes from great songwriters that I’ve either written with or that I have met through networking in Nashville.

Q Your management tells me you have been nominated for two awards by the Country Music Association of Ontario?

A Yes, how cool is that. I am very honored and I am looking forward to coming to America in May.

Marshall told me how the music video for the single, “Alcohol Abuse,” was being released in a few days. I told him I couldn’t wait to see it. I have viewed several of his music videos that you can get to easily by going to his website at:

I know I am definitely referring all the female country music lovers I know over to his website and I am telling them and anyone who will listen that this is one guy to be watching out for. Make sure to say hello to him at the CMA Festival if you are attending this year and if not, follow him on Twitter, like him on Facebook and check him out at his website. This way when he does do the radio tour through the US, you will know what radio stations you can hear him on.

I will leave you with this my readers. One of his music videos has really caught my attention and I have gone back and watched it several times. Check it out, it is called: "About Last Night" –

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