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Talking about 'Titanfall' if it was an Xbox One launch title

Are you ready for some Titanfall?
Are you ready for some Titanfall?

Titanfall will be launching this coming March, but what would have happened if Titanfall was an Xbox One launch title back in November when the system launched?

Recently, Respawn Entertainment programmer Jon Shiring talked about some of the craziness that is associated with being a console launch title, and referenced one of the hardest things being the changing of the console leading up to launch.

"It's really exciting to do a launch title, and it takes years off your life too! I've done this once before with Call of Duty 2, and it's always seat-of-your-pants - everything's coming together around you and you're trying to make a great game while all this is happening.

"It ends up being a really difficult challenge for engineering especially, because we're trying to support all of the artists and designers here while we're trying to make it all come together on a system that a few years ago wasn't finished, obviously.

"So we were kind of building the game while at the same time working with Microsoft, and getting new [info] drops from them. It's a really amazing challenge for an engineering team to make this happen," Shiring said.

Months before launch, the Xbox One was a system that was still changing. It had not been completed and because of that, it caused some unexpected delays for development teams.

We spoke with Bethesda about this prior to the launch of the new system and they referenced the changing of the system's code as being an unpredictable variable that can really be a challenge for game developers. You can only imagine some of the pressure, long hours and time constraints these developers were under, and you can expect Respawn is glad they weren't a part of that.

While it would've been so nice to have Titanfall at launch for the Xbox One, these extra few months are going to insure the game is at its best quality for launch.

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