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Talking about immigration enforcement does NOT alienate the Hispanic vote

Alienate the Hispanic vote, Alienate the Latino vote. We will hear that moronic rant more frequently as we move closer to the general election. It is nonsense, but it is nonsense we have to endure every two years as elections come near.

But, I will keep trying

Juan Williams, of FOX News, made this assertion during the debate in South Carolina.

I've said this all before, and will keep saying it as long as necessary.

The Washington Times reported a month before the 2010 election, “In a finding that may surprise many Washington politicians, the survey showed that immigration does not top the list of concerns of Hispanic voters.” (emphasis added)

Well, it probably does come as a "surprise" to those in Washington who still believe; or who want to believe; or who say they believe that candidates and political parties who talk about immigration enforcement are hurt by those positions. To believe that is either ignorance or duplicity. It is certainly cowardly and bigoted. And, it is demonstrably not true.

It is ignorance because the evidence indicates that Hispanic American voters vote the way the rest of America votes, by income.

It is duplicity if they don't believe it, but only say they do to appease their corporate masters who want more cheap labor and more customers from the illegal alien influx.

It is cowardice because it subordinates respect for and enforcement of the law to the desire for political power.

It is bigoted because it believes that Hispanic Americans are a monolithic voting bloc motivated primarily by race or ethnicity in making voting decisions.

The best example showing that Hispanic American voters are not a monolith comes from Arizona in 2004 when more Hispanic American Arizonans voted for Prop. 200 than voted for President Bush.

Proposition 200 sought to limit illegal aliens’ access to public benefits and voting by requiring proof of citizenship for voting and when applying for taxpayer funded benefits.

BTW, everybody in the Arizona congressional delegation, Republicans and Democrats alike, opposed Prop. 200.

Now, fast forward to 2008 and look at the numbers in Arizona, the leading state in the country in trying to limit illegal immigration and enforce employment laws for the benefit American workers.

In the 2008 presidential election John McCain won his own Grand Canyon State with 54% of the vote, the same amount by which Pres. Bush won in 2004. However, Proposition 202, a falsely named initiative that would have gutted Arizona’s employment law that targeted employers who hire illegal aliens, was defeated with almost 60% of the vote. What has not been emphasized at all is that 56% of Hispanic American Arizona voters also opposed it and with higher numbers than they supported McCain.

Again; In 2004, President Bush won Arizona with 54 percent of the vote. Proposition 200, on the same ballot, required proof of identity when voting or applying for benefits and won with 57% of the vote and was aimed directly at illegal aliens. Exit polls showed that Hispanic American Arizona voters supported Proposition 200 with more votes than the incumbent President.

In 2008 Barack Obama won overwhelming Hispanic American majorities in the border states:

  • CA – 74%
  • AZ – 56%
  • NM – 69%
  • TX – 63%
  • FL – 57%

Why did Obama score so high with Hispanic American voters? Because of Republican “anti-immigrant rhetoric?”

The 2008 presidential race tried hard to avoid the immigration debate. Had illegal immigration been an issue, and, as some pundits continually claim, Hispanic American voters actually made their choice based on a candidate’s support for an illegal alien amnesty, McCain would have been the sure winner of that voter group. Obama’s own record on immigration policy was pretty thin; he did state during a Democrat debate that illegal aliens should be allowed driver licenses.

However, John McCain’s support for open borders is demonstrable. Among other things he was co-author of the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill in the Senate. He opposed Proposition 200 in Arizona in 2004!

If such positions on illegal immigration actually influence their vote, McCain should have swept the Hispanic American vote in the country, at least the border states. But that did not happen. He didn't carry the Hispanic American vote anywhere including his home state of Arizona.

All of this may come as a "surprise" to some inside the Beltway. But that just indicates that they are either too dumb or too corrupt to hold office or report the news.

I think those in the media and in government should stop insulting Hispanic American voters. It is unfair to them and just reinforces how clueless, or corrupt, the pro-illegal alien supporters really are.

This is a good subject for talk radio. Call a popular show and tell the host what nonsense this "alienate the Hispanic voter" talk is. Click here for a list of the most popular talk shows.

If we don't act like we care about our country, we aren't going to have a country.


You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. Winston Churchill


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