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Talking about Cruise Ships

An incredible cruise experience!
An incredible cruise experience!
Hilen Cruz

Let's begin by sending our thoughts and prayers to those who unfortunately lost their lives due to the recent Costa Concordia catastrophe, and also to their beloved families. It is imaginable that it will be hard for the families to recover from such tragedy. Also, let's send our best wishes for successful and fast recovery to those who got injured and to all passengers on board.... it is conceivable that such experience would mark an individual forever. I'm sure survivors –having gone through such close call– will more than ever ensure to make the best out of their lives.

Caribbean Sunset from the top deck of Mariner of the Seas
Hilen Cruz

Catastrophes like Titanic back in the day, and this recent Costa Concordia one will potentially bring fear to travelers –understandable. However, Cruise Ship traveling has been for many years a preferred and highly affordable method of getting to know several port cities around the world at once. Nowadays, Cruise Ships include incredible amenities for guests of all ages! For instance, Ice Skating Rinks and Shows, Luxurious Gyms and Spas, Basketball and Tennis Courts, Golf Courses, Climbing Rocks, Pools, Specialty Restaurants, Theaters, Clubs, Bars, and Chapels. At the same time, the fact that a Cruise Ship fare includes room, all meals, and most amenities is unbeatable!

Unfortunately, accidents happen... but they can and will happen anywhere and anytime! I'd encourage everyone to not refrain from taking care of all those bucket list items, including Cruise Ship traveling which can be one of the most fun and amazing experiences of your life!

Additionally, why not give the Cruise Ship industry the opportunity to continue making a living the way they enjoy the most? I believe that a human error shouldn’t hinder the ability for others to continue excelling at what they do best.

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