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Talkin' fashion with a Pittsburgh girl: Tracy T.

Tracy talks about her personal style and fashion.
Tracy talks about her personal style and fashion.
Courtesy of Tracy T.

Pittsburgh girls know and love fashion! They know what colors look good on them, what designer looks they covet, and where to shop. Pittsburgh girls are more than just Pens jerseys and Terrible Towels, they are fashionistas! Tracy, a 24 year-old adjunct professor and photographer from Moon Township gabs about her personal style and fashion!

What is one store could you spend thousands of dollars on clothes in?

I would have to say Nordstrom because they sell a ton of different name brands and they have a great selection in stores and online.

What is your favorite Pittsburgh mall?

Ross Park Mall

What color do you think you look best in?

Honestly, I wear a lot of different colors. If I had to choose I would say blue.

What is one piece in your wardrobe you could never live without?

I wear bandeaus and bralettes under my shirts quite often. They typically are laced and they give my button up or sweater a slightly different look than if I just had a cami under them.

What is your favorite cut of jeans?


What is your ideal winter coat?

I love my Burton shell winter jacket. It is black with different color strips. It isn’t bulky, but it keeps me warm. I also get compliments on it all the time and it’s the perfect jacket to wear with a cute beanie or pair of gloves.

What is your favorite kind of dress?

I am not a huge dress person, but I’m a sucker for cute sun dresses.

What is your favorite type of footwear?

I love Sperry. I own five different pairs. My absolute two favorites are my high top shoes that can be folded down. I also have three pairs of boating shoes, which I absolutely adore.

Money is no object, who is your favorite luxury fashion brand?

I love Burberry. If I could afford to buy their clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. on a regular basis I definitely would!

5 adjectives to describe your style and wardrobe?

Casual, fashionable, edgy, trendy, and simple. I change my style depending on my mood and the occasion, so I feel each word can be used to describe my style and wardrobe.

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