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Talkin' fashion with a Pittsburgh girl: Abby L.

Abby talks about her personal style and fashion.
Courtesy of Abby L.

Pittsburgh girls know and love fashion! They know what colors look good on them, what designer looks they covet, and where to shop. Pittsburgh girls are more than just Pens jerseys and Terrible Towels, they are fashionistas! Abby, a 21 year-old nursing student from Bloomfield gabs about her personal style and fashion!

What is one store you could spend thousands of dollars on clothes?

Nordstrom! They have such a great variety with amazing quality of clothes but they can be pricey!

What is your favorite Pittsburgh mall?

Ross Park Mall is definitely my favorite

What color do you think you look best in?

I think I look best in neutral colors with small pops of colors, it goes well with my brown hair and brown eyes.

What is one piece in your wardrobe you could never live without?

Something I could not live without in my wardrobe would be my Aldo riding boots! They go with everything and they are so comfortable.

What is your favorite cut of jeans?

My favorite cut of jeans depends on what shoes I would be wearing with them! Skinny jeans and slim boot cut are my 2 favorite but it all depends on which shoes I want to wear for the day!

What is your ideal winter coat?

My ideal winter is a super warm classy looking pea coat, white with some sort if accent maybe a cute bow. Realistically, with working and always being in the hospital I wear a North Face most times.

What is your favorite type of footwear?

My favorite type of footwear is cute and comfortable so I tend to wear mostly Ugg boots or riding boots and in the summer lots of flip flops!

Money is no object, who is your favorite luxury fashion brand?

My favorite luxury brand depends on what item of clothing we are talking about, but I would have to say Tory Burch is my favorite!

5 adjectives to describe your style and wardrobe?

Fun, flirty, comfortable, loose, and colorful

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