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Talk with the dead on 'Skype'

Soon you'll be able to talk with the dead on 'Skype'--even video chat with deceased loved ones, according to a report in Gizbot (Feb. 10).

Skype”, for those who don't know, is a instant messaging client and freemium voice-video service that works like a phone—and is not usually considered a portal to the beyond.

While claims of being able to talk to the dead aren't anything new, and the magician Houdini became famous for debunking many such assertions in the 1920s, this is 2014, where anything is possible.

The vehicle for talking to your lost friends or family members isn't some kind of paranormal after-death communications method, but rather a new website being put together by a group of engineers and designers associated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Entrepreneurship Development Program.

The aim of the website, “” is to reconstruct the deceased by harvesting the web for all the pieces of information that person left behind—photos, emails, chat logs, website comments, “Facebook” pages, “Twitter” messages and other social network information. From this digital treasure chest, advanced artificial intelligence software emulates the deceased person's personality and memories.

The result is an avatar living in a digital afterlife that you and your family can “Skype”, interact with and get advice from—for eternity.

While talking with the dead on “Skype” is a new frontier, grieving mourners of loved ones have long sought comfort in the world of social networking.

Just recently, a grieving father contacted “Facebook” and requested that “Facebook” create a “Look Back” video of his son. His request went viral and “Facebook” is putting together for him a memorial video to celebrate his son's life. “Look Back” videos are constructed from algorithms so it's not to far-fetched to imagine using “Skype” to talk to and interact with a digital representation of a departed soul.

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