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Talk of Osheaga expansion not music to some ears

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The organizers of the annual summertime Osheaga music festival in Montreal are thinking of expanding and allowing more fans to join the festivities, something that is making some folks a little antsy.

The three-day music blowout on Île Ste Helene draws 45,000 fans a year. Organizers have said they would like to increase that to 60,000 by expanding the concert viewing area and perhaps even building a new outdoor amphitheatre with increased attendance capacity.

Melanie Perlman said she's enjoyed the past two years at the festival but the crowds can get a little hectic.

"Especially during the night when it gets darker and the crowd tends to get a lot larger when you have the headlining artists. Everybody kind of converges all to one place and it just becomes complete chaos," said Perlman.

Daniel Gour is among the St. Lambert residents who get frustrated with the noise.

"We don't hear the crowd really, it's more the sound system we hear," Gour said.

He added he is not impressed with a proposal to make the festival a two-weekend event.

"We're talking whole, complete days of boom, boom, boom, that shakes our windows and that we feel even in the house," Gour said.

Perlman said more concertgoers would make her think twice about going.

"I say, expand the grounds but keep the number of people, because it seems to work as it is," Perlman said.

"Their three day passes are selling out so obviously they're doing something right. So I don't think adding more people is really the best way to go."