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Talk about Innovation in Alarm Clocks, iLuv’s TimeShaker

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We’re really in a good place and time, delving on the positive side of what technology offers. But this remains an economically driven equation, having two sides. Nonetheless, one can appreciate new applications, in everyday goods and services. A company, seemingly operating, ahead of the curve, is iLuv. On this occasion, they’ve taken the simple alarm clock, and upped the game, beyond mere Bluetooth capability. The feature is called a ‘TimeShaker,’ and so amazing (

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No doubt, alarm clocks are among the most common household products. One can say a necessity for getting to work, on time. Taking a step back, for a moment, we hear a lot about the ‘next big thing.’ In observation, the concept may be, just as much, about basic everyday goods, we use at our residence; simply infused, like the iLuv TimeShaker, with the latest in technology. Continuing, if you have company over, or live with someone or others, this iLuv innovation creates a wake-up, that nolonger disturbs everybody else; the no more sacrificing all for one, admittedly, has appeal. The device reminds you of a tadpole, stringy tail (about 6ft long), being the wire, and an actual shaker piece, being the head, shaped like a flatten egg, which starts to vibrate to the time set. You’ll plug the wire into the clock itself; place the head piece underneath the pillow. As the set time arrives, the head shakes and makes a muffled noise, in the process; it will not stop until you hit the off button. Personally, I was pleasantly surprised in initial and subsequent test runs, on how well it worked. I like the idea of having a third option; also, there exists a fourth and fifth, considering, the shaker can be combined, with the radio and buzzer options. For, as the saying goes, ‘small packages can deliver big, without a lot of noise.’

The vibration is strong enough to wake you; matters not where you lie on the pillow, or the type. I’ve used two to three pillows, of various sizes, over the shaker, without disappointment; perhaps sufficient for even the hardest of sleepers. Furthermore, to restate another way, anyone else, in the bed, if not on the same pillow, might sense, at worst, a faint hint of something, if a light sleeper. Of course, preferable to loud buzzing or radio sounds; particularly, when not the one needing to rise. However, here’s the ongoing challenge: no doubt, most smart-phones, tablets, ipads, and TVs, all have alarms, and are readily present in the bedroom. Then appropriately, iLuv is offering a nice bit of ingenuity, into an item, we hang onto, for a very long-time. This crafty move solves an age old morning problem, for living under the same roof, or, in close proximity, with others. The Bluetooth aspect is merely icing on the cake. For clearly, the ability to stream one’s own favorites, while falling to sleep, or during romantic scenarios, at minimum, thru an alarm clock, is truly convenient and priceless; to quote a commercial.

The instructions are well laid out, with diagrams; though I still made my share of mistakes. There’s no shortage of likeable features; such as, the alarm clock has an auxiliary input, making it possible to stream audio from other devices. One can charge a mobile device. And, it comes with a dimmer, to change or eliminate the clock lighting. You might find that very handy, when really wanting total darkness; or, needing light in the middle of the night. These next level products, constantly reminds me, of what to love, about innovation. Conclusively, this initiative, by iLuv’s TimeShaker, is by far, a pretty good idea.

Keep in mind something, we are seeing, in current times, how wide open people think and act, in redesigning goods and services; using their freedom and privacy, to pursue, and put into effect, dreams; experiencing success and failure; and ultimately, the willingness of others to evaluate/fund new ideas. In closing, to answer a contention, often in dialogue: the inventors’, of today’s tech gadgets, do include typical 9 to 5 workers, not just go it alone entrepreneurs; when aiming to develop an innovative product.


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