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Talk A Walk Through San Francisco with a Discovery Street Tour

Discovery Street Tours
Discovery Street Tours

In a Discovery Street Tour, explorers move beyond just a nature walk or history lesson to interact with the landscape and talk about the scientific properties of everyday things. These tours begin in a park or public space where the tour's topic is introduced and engage in a hands-on learning activity. For about two miles, these approximately 2 1/2 hour tours continue going by little-known parks, hidden alleyways and other portions of San Francisco seldom noticed by the vast majority of residents and visitors who just walk on by.

Some of the themed tours offered include:

  • San Francisco Rocks: Seismic forces that shaped our city. Explore the unique qualities of San Francisco's landscape as one touches the local geology and munch one's way through edible seismic science activities.
  • Invented in San Francisco: Science and creativity in a city of innovation. Explore over two centuries of San Francisco's innovations from tech to tunes.
  • The Science of Bread and Cheese; It’s the little things that make life delicious. Stroll through quaint San Francisco neighborhoods as learn about the unseen organisms that create the textures and flavors of a range of cheeses.
  • The Science in Your Step: The physics and physiology of your pedestrian self. Scale some of San Francisco's most scenic inclines and sauntering through hidden alleyway. During tis trek participants will experiment with balance, learn how food fuels us, and monitor their vital signs. Fermented Favorites:
  • The Science of Cheese and Wine. Wander around San Francisco neighborhoods visiting wine and cheese purveyors and experiment with taste-testing and fermentation.
  • The Science of Tea: Reading the leaves of an ancient beverage. Travel around Chinatown and beyond on a sampling tour of tea while studying oxidation, diffusion and the difference between teas.
  • The Science of (Holiday) Light. During this holiday season, see some of San Francisco's light displays, experiment with light, shadow, and color, and enjoy some festive holiday treats.

Tours are priced from $45 to $95 with lower rates granted for children. The difficulty for these tours range from easy to moderate depending on the amount of hills that will be traversed during a given walk. All ages are welcome to come along on these tours.

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