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Taliban war criminals should have been tried and sentenced long ago

Bergdahl Rose Garden
Bergdahl Rose Garden

Had President Barack Obama not treated the untidy wrapping up of a War on Terror he thinks he can "end" unilaterally without treating the swapping of five vaginal-circumcision and Shariah-law-loving Taliban war criminals for a deserter denounced by his fellow Army soldiers as an event worthy of a White House Rose Garden celebration, maybe the VA scandal could have rightfully remained on the front pages of newspapers and atop the Drudge Report. Or was that the IRS, Benghazi or anemic non-economic recovery scandal? The mind reels.

But the Taliban detainees at Gitmo traded for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl should have been tried by a military commission for war crimes and executed or sentenced to life imprisonment years ago. Thanks to Attorney General Eric Holder's old Al Qaeda-defense law firm, Commander-in-Chief Anthony Kennedy (and the usual liberal Democrat-appointed suspects on the nation's highest court) and the Obama Administration they were still alive this week for his liberal Democrat administration to use to further insult the honorable service and mission of non-deserters in the War on Terror.

Whether Bergdahl should be tried for legal desertion or some other infraction under the Code of Military Justice remains to be determined and agree with many, including conservative voice Charles Krauthammer that the old "we don't negotiate with terrorists" line is a bit outdated but do think Obama's over-the-top celebration of The Deserter deserves the slightly over-the-top response; and think that mental illness before his desertion/defection is also a possibility.

Therefore, President Obama should announce immediately that The Deserter and all vets on VA waiting lists who had insurance policies cancelled due to Obamacare and whose 501c4 apps were denied or delayed by the IRS, should immediately sent to GITMO for the kind of timely and quality medical services regularly received by captured illegal enemy combatants aka terrorists.

"One man with courage makes a majority." - Andrew Jackson