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Taliban release video of canine POW

In what has to be a first in modern warfare, the Taliban have released a video of a canine POW. The NATO working dog, Colonel, was captured during an attempt by coalition forces to drive the insurgents out of Alingar Valley in Afghanistan’s eastern Laghman province last December. Though Colonel was thought to be American by the Taliban, reports claim the dog was working with a British Special Forces unit at the time of capture.

When Colonel was lost, his handlers feared the worst. Dogs are considered "unclean" by Afghans, and their use by international forces in house searches has been controversial. Afghan dogs eat gruel and sleep in the streets, not something a well-trained working dog from Western democracies is used to dealing with, but it seems his new "handlers" have taken a liking to him.

They have named him DaGarwal, which means “colonel” in the Pashto language. He won't eat the gruel that the native dogs eat so the terrorists have had to prepare him a human diet of chicken and beef kebabs. On top of that the Taliban had to find blankets to make him comfortable since Colonel won't lower himself to sleep in the dirt with the lessor mongrels of the area.

Colonel, or DaGarwal, is probably the most well-treated POW in the history of terrorism.

"He was not injured and is not being mistreated," said Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid. "It is not like the local dogs which will eat anything and sleep anywhere. We have to prepare him proper food and make sure he has somewhere to sleep properly."

As for Colonel's fate?

“It’s always possible that we could use the dog, since it has been trained,” said Mujahid. “If someone offers a trade for it then we can think about that,” he added, referring to a trade of POWs.

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