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Taliban parades dog in medieval harness like prisoner: Not our dog claims U.S.

A military dog seized by the Taliban is being paraded around in an elaborate harness and they are claiming the dog belongs to the U.S. military. The poor mutt in the medieval looking chastity belt does not belong to the U.S., reports the Pentagon.

Taliban captures dog and claims it belongs to U.S. military, but Pentagon says no, not ours!
YouTube screen shot

According to CNN on Feb 6, the dog is in a video distributed by the Taliban and in the footage they appear proud to have captured this dog. They convey that the dog was caught by them in an "attempted nighttime raid" by the U.S. forces. The dog's harness appears to scream prisoner as he looks to be locked up in this contraption that has a dramatic flare to it.

The U.S. said that the dog belongs to one of the ally forces and not the U.S. military. Commander Bill Speaks said that the dog belongs to another country. The dog is owned by a country that belongs to the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force.

Hopefully the Taliban will believe that the dog has no ties to Americans and maybe the poor animal will fare better in their care, since they seem to hate Americans. The International Security Assistance Force did not comment on Speak's claims.

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