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Taliban murders 9, including two kids shot in the head at luxury Afghan hotel

The ruthlessness acts of the Taliban continue to ripple across Afghanistan claiming innocent lives in the process. The recent murderous attack happened last Thursday evening at the Serena Hotel.

The Serena Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan
Wikipedia/Aulfat Rizai

The attack on the luxury hotel is said to be the latest "in a series of high-profile attacks by the Taliban and allied militants." The Taliban are stepping up their "campaign of violence," and have vowed to disrupt national elections on April 5.

The Taliban are becoming more brazen in their attacks as the U.S. withdrawal deadline approaches at the end of 2014.

Robert D. Kaplan, chief geopolitical analyst for Stratfor, wrote that "post-American Afghanistan" is becoming a "flashpoint"--not just in the region, but in the world, as emerging powers jockey for position amidst declining U.S. influence."

Kaplan also wrote:

Whether a place descends into anarchy or marches forward toward greater cohesion and development affects the type of interaction that it will have with adjoining regions, but not necessarily whether the interaction takes place. A chaotic Afghanistan affects every country around it..."

If Iraq is any indication of what will take place in Afghanistan, then it will indeed be chaotic when U.S. troops leave. However, as usual, the Taliban isn't waiting until our troops leave, as evidenced by Thursday night's attack. reports the attacks occurred at the luxury hotel which is considered one of the safest spots in the Afghan capital Kabul. This didn't stop four gunmen though from walking into the hotel and killing nine people. The gunmen apparently hid their pistols and ammo in their shoes and socks.

The terrorist gunmen had to pass through a security room at the gate of the hotel. There they are screened by a metal detector; bags X-rayed and they are patted down. Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said it was not clear how the weapons went undetected.

When the attack happened, the hotel's restaurant was filled to capacity with Afghans who were celebrating the eve of the Persian New Year, Nowruz. There were also numerous foreigners visiting the restaurant for dinner.

The report says The attackers entered the hotel around 8:30 p.m. Two of them headed toward the restaurant, killing most of victims. On Friday officials said, "the four gunmen walked in, made their way to the restaurant, pulled out hidden pistols and started shooting diners."

The other gunmen killed several others while making their way through the hotel. All four gunmen, said to be around 18, were killed by police in a three-hour standoff. They killed nine people, including shooting an AFP journalist, his wife and two children in the head."

According to the report among the dead are "Sardar Ahmad, a widely respected 40-year-old Afghan journalist with the French news agency Agence France-Presse. The agency said his wife and two children were also killed and their youngest son was undergoing emergency treatment after being badly wounded in the attack."

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack that killed citizens from Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan and India. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said it shows that "our people, if they decide to attack any place, they can do it.

This isn't the first time that radical Muslims have killed innocent men, women and children and most certainly won't be the last. Last December terrorists in Syria exercised an option made infamous by Hitler himself, roasting people in ovens.

In August of 2013, two teenage boys were executed by jihadists. The boys were suspected of being pro-Assad supporters. In Sept. terrorists belonging to the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) were allegedly responsible for beheading 24 civilians, among them was a 40-day old infant.

If infidels can't be converted, then they are murdered by radical Islamists. Christians are especially susceptible to their attacks; so many of them have been killed by extremists it prompted one bishop in Syria to speak out. The Syrian bishop said that 'Christians need to engage in self-defense' against Islamists.

Thousands of Christians die annually at the hands of extremists while the world is mostly silent about their plight.

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