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Taliban beating back Afghan security forces near Kabul

With Afghanistan's police and military operating autonomously without U.S. or coalition leadership, the Islamist Taliban fighters appear to be on the verge of a resurgence near Kabul, according a police sources on Tuesday.

The Afghan security forces appear to be struggling in their attempts to stop a Taliban resurgence.
Getty Images

Taliban fighters following three days of intense combat with Afghan police commandos and security personnel are occupying territory on the outskirts of Kabul, according to former police adviser and training officer Sal Trentarro.

"As we watch the successes of the Islamist terrorists in Iraq, the radical Islam hordes in Afghanistan haven't given up on restoring their rule over the Afghan people. It would not be surprising if following the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan, the Taliban return to power," said Trentarro.

During a press briefing, Deputy Police Chief Mohamed Andarabi said, "Taliban rebels attacked security check points in the western part of Qaisar district three days ago, which triggered heavy battle between the two sides and the militants after three days of fighting were able to occupy Shakh area on Monday night."

Chief Andarabi also claimed that 30 members of the Taliban and nine Afghan security personnel were left dead and 21 others including 17 terrorists sustained injuries during the three days bitter combat.

In the same region, a group of Taliban terrorists ambushed the military installation located at Kabul International Airport, and fought the security forces for about five hours until the deaths of the assailants.

The Afghan Taliban has become more and more fierce over the last few months in spite of the government's efforts to discuss a lasting peace.

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