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Taliban attempts to disrupt presidential elections in Afghanistan

Troops walk by sign urging women to vote on April 5th
Troops walk by sign urging women to vote on April 5th
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

A Taliban commando unit attacked the headquarters of the Independent Electoral Commission ( IEC) on Saturday in Kabul, in hopes to disrupt the April 5th presidential election.

Four suicide bombers broke into an adjacent building and Began firing at commission staff and into the crowd. Afghan police responded to the attack and a six hour fire fight ensued.

Mohammad Zahir, the head of the Kabul police told reporters all the attackers were killed and no civilians were hurt.

Deputy Interior Minister Mohammad Ayub Salangi also told reporters; "there had been five forwards and two members of the Afghan security forces injured"

REUTERS reports, Taliban attacks are increasing. This is the second building in the CIS to be targeted by the Taliban movement this week. The attack also comes 24 hours after the pensioners used by an American aid organization , in which a young Afghan died . This attack was also claimed by the Taliban.