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'Tales From The Borderlands' to be 'Big Fish' story told by familiar characters

We already knew "Tales from the Borderlands" was going to be a different kind of game from Telltale, even if it had aspects familiar to "The Walking Dead" and "The Wolf Among Us" fans. A SXSW "Tales from the Borderlands" panel on Saturday confirmed those beliefs and shed a little more light on how the game will work.

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Tales from the Borderlands story details
Telltale Games

Joystiq reports the story will be a collaborative narrative told by two of the more infamous "Borderlands 2" characters in Rhys and Fiona. In other words, "Tales" will not be a game in which the player is seeing the action live. This game will be one in which the player is working through a story that has already happened.

The twist is that the "Borderlands" characters who are telling the tale are hardly trustworthy. Telltale president Kevin Bruner explained the concept at the panel. "You never really play what actually happened. You're playing this "Big Fish" version of what happened."

Rhys is a cybernetically-enhanced Hyperion company man and Fiona is a known con artist. That helps the story be something you know isn't exactly what happened, because those "Borderlands" characters are going to work to put a rather positive spin on events.

"Borderlands 2" is a game known for shooting as many things as possible and blowing as much up as is available. "Tales from the Borderlands" won't be in that image but there will be some shooting from time to time, it will just be in a "Telltale" kind of way.

The other different spin on "Tales" will be it will be quite a bit more lighthearted and upbeat than "Walking Dead" or "Wolf Among Us." The positive light in which the storytellers will put the tale means a more positive experience for the gamers.

"Borderlands 2" writer Kevin Burch was also on the panel and added: "'Borderlands' can be more than just shooting people in the face repeatedly. That it could be shooting people in the face repeatedly and then talking to them is a cool possibility for us."

"Tales" will be a sort of continuation of "Borderlands 2" along with additional storylines. Characters new and old are said to be making an appearance.

Telltale might be shedding some light on the game but there's still no official release date for "Tales from the Borderlands"

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