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Talented people in the acting scene - meet the poetry of Ken Carter

Traveling the NY acting scene I'm starting to meet a lot of people. Some are poets, some screenwriters and others industry and fellow actors. The more I delve into this world the more I discover the talents that so many of these people have.

Ken Carter, author of "Joy in Loneliness"
Diana De Rosa Photo

So, I thought I would start to also pass along some of the things they've written. Today it will be a poem by Ken Carter, a man I met at one of Lisa Gold's Act Outside the Box networking parties.

Ken's written a lot of poems and the following is one that I chose to pass along. It's called "Joy in Loneliness," which is something I think that some of us can relate to. So here it goes:

Joy in Loneliness

Some times I want to be alone to reminisce with myself about myself.

Some times it is good to sum ourselves up, and subtract our accomplishments from goals aspired.

Some times I feel like making love with my thoughts, as a prince with his maiden.

Some times when I love enough my dreams manifest themselves.

Some times I feel a need to hold counsel with the all knowing one.

Some times the bird's song sounds sweeter still, with a friend to share it with.

Some times a sigh, a cry, is my beckoning call to life.

Some times I want to comfort the sad heart of a stranger, without distrust.

Some times I meditate on dreams of tranquil days and the silence of night.

They make me want to love and love all things...all the time.

It would be interesting to hear from others how they find joy in loneliness. Feel free to pass along your thoughts. Ken is also a Certified Money Coach and his web site is

Thanks Ken for the lovely poem.

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